Living Life Is More Important Than Writing It…

I love my blog, it has been my little diary and look into our lives for nearly 9 years. I have had moments where I struggled to be here and contemplated quitting, but thankfully someone always talks me out of it, someone always reminds me to just leave it here and walk away – come back when you are ready.

My blog sometimes makes me feel awful though, I feel guilty I have not written a post, or upset that content does not attract people to read it, that after nearly 9 years I am still a newbie and that I have little to no following.

And although so many (including me) use that “I don’t write my blog for others” phrase, if I am truly honest it does hurt, it does upset me as I am one of those people who needs to be liked/loved, it is one of those qualities I hate in myself. I am constantly striving to be stronger.

Life in our house is so up and down, with a few to many downs this past year and we have so much going on just with the everyday school runs and hospital apts for Super G. I could spend my nights after work and when the kids are finally asleep writing posts, but then I ignore my hubby, or the washing and that is not always good and if I am honest I feel so uninspired. I could certainly spend time at weekends writing posts whilst the kids play, but with life throwing some curve balls at the moment what I really want to do is not pick up my laptop and sit on the floor and play puzzles, or bake together or go for a walk in the woods – basically I want to live my life, I would love to be able to write too as it brings the most amazing memories to look back on, but not at the expense of making them.

I am sure many of you can relate to this, many of my favourite blogs are quieter this year than last, life is busy. I am not going away, I am just going to try to make blogging something I do when I want to more than just because I have to.

So if I am a little quiet for the next couple of months please don’t disappear, just come say hi when you want to and enjoy living.


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