>Look at Where I live


Well not literally of course, be a bit drafty. LOL.

I realised the other day many of my visitors are from the USA and foreign countries, and I don’t take the time to show my surroundings, which seem normal and everyday to me, but to you guy’s they are worlds away.

I live in Herne Bay, a small seaside town in Kent on the South East Coast of England. I have lived in Kent pretty much all my life (apart from a short stay in California) I have moved from one end to the other, due to divorced parents and partners, but never moved over an hours drive from where I grew up. I honestly don’t overly like where I live, jobs are rare on the ground, weather can be so tempermental and house prices and cost of living are the highest in the country, prime example I can’t even afford to buy a home, but if I wanted to a very small 2 bedroom, 1 reception house in not a fantastic area would cost approx £150,000 or $300,000. I know terrible. I would love to come and live in the states, I think the way of life for me and my future family would be better.

Anyway back to point, the picture above is less than 5 minutes from my home, its an ancient Roman Fort, this is the remain of the towers from the church, mu hubby and I take summer evening walks up there in the sea breeze with our camera’s its nice to reflect in peace, here is one of the views I see of the sea as well.

I promise to show you more of the British side of the World.

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