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I am back with another Look No Further Post – take a look here if you want to know what it is all about.

Most of you will know if you follow my blog that I love handmade, I love the fact that someone has taken the time to put their heart and soul into something just for you.

Years ago I started making Jewellery under Innocent Charms, I was a real novice and loved the fact that the internet gave me a learning tool, I joined may websites but in particular a fantastic forum, where I got to meet other Jewellers and Beaders, one of those being the lovely Jo of Gem Heaven.

When I stopped making Jewellery after Grayson’s problems, I lost contact with a great deal of my friends, but Jo was not one of them, I loved seeing Jo’s work evolve from Beading to Lampwork beads to then composing her own metalwork pieces.

I had always wanted to own a piece of Jo’s but had never had the chance, then last month as I looked through her new pieces (after she had a break due to medical problems) I saw not only did she do Silver pieces but also Brass. Mr Innocent Charmer and I had celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary back in November, we always by the traditional gift 8 = Brass, but due to being unwell I had never managed to get Ashley anything, so straight away I messaged Jo and said do you think you could make him a piece, she was so excited to, she asked what I wanted but as I have said before I always find it best to let an Artist decide that’s why they are the Artist, my only requirements was it was Brass and his Neck size for a Necklace.

I told Jo why I wanted the piece and within a couple of days she came back to me with the idea of a lovely Brass Key she had been holding onto, she also suggested whether I wanted a bead or not, Ash is a huge lover of lampwork so I said please Jo include some, he used to love attending the bead fairs with me years ago learning about the process.

I said the Key was very fitting as Ashley has “The Key to my Heart” so you can imagine how pleased I was when Jo emailed me a picture for review of not only a key and lampwork, but a beautiful heart with a keyhole in.


Jo as a special treat and to say thanks for the order also made a matching Necklace for me to wear, I feel so honoured to finally own a piece from Gem Heaven and for Ashley to have an anniversary gift that really is a one-off.


So now I will hand you over to Jo to let you know a little more about Gem Heaven, don’t forget to head over to her website for a good look.



1.Who is Gem Heaven and what do you sell ?

Gem heaven is me, a self-taught (bar one soldering class ) jewellery designer.  I design and create mainly one of pieces of, I suppose you would call it art jewellery.  Mainly working in sterling silver with gemstones and lampwork beads, I’m heavily influenced by nature and living in Cornwall.



2.What made you start Gem Heaven ?

I started with bead stringing nearly 7 years ago, I’d been ill and wanted something creative to fill my time.  I’d broken a favourite necklace and asked a friend if she could help, as I knew she had made some jewellery before.  She opened up the world of internet jewellery supply shops and the rest, as they say is history!!  My work evolved over the first few years to incorporate sterling silver designs and high quality gemstones.

3. Is this a Hobby of Full Time Commitment ?

This is what I class my full-time job (although I do have another part-time job to earn those extra pennies) This is my passion and I am lucky I can do something I love.


4.Where can you buy Gem Heaven Products ?

I sell in many different places ~ my own website, etsy, facebook  and Acolyte home and gifts.  I also am now stocking Birds of a Feather Lifestyle Boutique in St Ives with a few pieces.


5. Do you have any exciting news for the future ?

No but I have some wishes ~ I would love to get into more galleries and shops ~ Personally I would love to do this full-time again.


6. Is there anything else you would like us to know about Gem Heaven ?

….. ha-ha like the fact I’m addicted to sushi at the moment …..



This post is not sponsored and my own views of Jewellery I purchased for myself.


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