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Below is a post I wrote 4 weeks ago when I was off for my 12 week scan, I thought I would still share so I have it to look back on in the future. Tomorrow we are off for an additional 16 week scan, so I shall have another picture to share, but here is a picture of baby Sweetpea on her 1st Scan.



Post from 21st December

Well today is scan day! I am actually a day shy of 13 weeks, so this is the first scan.

I am very excited but also very very nervous, for several reasons, but mainly I think due to the miscarriage in the summer.

I fear that we will go for the scan and a little baby will show but it’s heart wont be beating, I know very pessimistic but I am sure my common sense has gone out of the window since my hormones have taken control.

Grayson at 12 week scan

We also got the news from Grayson’s Neuro team this past week up at Evelina, that Grayson although he has brain damage this is NOT the cause for 98% of his disabilities, this is 100% genetic, now we have always kinda known this is the case, we also know it’s highly unlikely we will ever find out what condition Grayson has, as he is the only Child in the UK like him at present, which also means there is no way of checking this baby, but hearing the words out of the specialists mouths with such confidence, made me sob for hours.

I love my son, but I really want this baby to be healthy and mainstream. I know we wont be able to tell on the scan, but I live in the fear that something obvious will just show up.

Addison at 21week Scan

But I am trying to put all my concerns aside and just be Happy that I will get to see baby Sweetpea for the 1st time, although if the hubby gut instinct is right it will be Sweetpea’s (he thinks I am having Twins).

So watch this space for some cute scan pictures and hopefully positive news.

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