Love Life, Love Me – Apologies and Week One

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I wrote my intro Love Life, Love Me post 3 weeks ago, I should have been back 2 weeks ago. At first when I knew I wouldn’t make it with my post I felt ashamed, I had so much support with my intro post, I felt like I was not only failing me but all the lovely people who were going to get me through.

Then I realised that although I am trying to invent a new me, I still have to be the most important me, which is Mummy.

It has been an awful couple of weeks, with Grayson having major appointments, with life changing results, Addison came down with an ear infection followed by hand foot & mouth and poor Deacon has been struggling too. On top of all this and if I am honest I have really been struggling.

I have not been emotionally in a good place, I hate the way I have been feeling inside and I hate the way life has got so on top of me, I am at a loss how to get a grip of it, especially with a major lack of sleep and time, so I thought that’s it Kara, come back, don’t beat yourself up that you are running a couple of weeks late and ask for help and guidance.

I know some of you are also on a self-help journey, or some of you have been in the past, I am looking for suggestions how to get my head together, how to stop feeling so low, I am a diagnosed Manic Depressive/Bipolar, I have not medicated for over 6 years as it never helped, I learnt techniques of how to control it, but these past few years it has started to take control back, I know it’s not surprising with my life.

So does anyone have suggestions ? Books I can maybe read, tapes I could listen too or anything else ??

Completion of Week 1 Obtainable Goals

Even though it has taken me 2 weeks I feel very proud to have completed my 5 obtainable tasks and whenever a new task comes to my mind I write it down, so although I didn’t come back last week, I also completed 2 other tasks I had wanted to complete.

1. Weigh myself, record it and take a full body shot of myself and share next week

I still can’t believe I am going to share this, I feel a little, actually scrap that a lot sick. But here it is and yes I do weigh in at 16 stone 10 lbs, this is heavier than at 9 months pregnant with Deacon 19 weeks ago, this has to change.

life changing weight loss time

2. Research Couch to 5k as a way to start exercising

After to speaking to my super healthy/fit friend Alli, she let me know the best 5k app to download, so that is done, I have also joined the Facebook group for support and advice.

3. Spend 15 minutes painting my nails

I did and it made me smile so much, I didn’t have much more than 15 minutes one evening before bed, so I went for a simple design of pink nails with one finger in glitter polish. What I did realise is that painted nails really make me feel better, they make me feel complete. But even though I top and base coat they just peel off in less than 15 hours. So I have now put a gel kit like this one on Katie’s Blog onto my Christmas list.

4. Clear and tidy my Dressing Table & Desk

This was the one thing on my list that took me so long to complete, I would get half way done, then the day-to-day would take over and stuff would pile up again. But I knew this was important as a messy area makes my head messy. So I am pleased to finally have them tidy, now to just keep them that way.

love life, love me, desk tidy
5. Order Weight Watchers books

I was surprised you couldn’t do this online, but at least I have them ordered, once they arrive I shall be starting Weight Watchers in the hope that I can start to get my weight under control again, I had tried the 5:2 diet a month ago and lost weight but it just wasn’t controlled enough for the amount of weight I need to lose. Thankfully my Hubby is going to be doing it with me, he always supports me when I want to lose weight I am lucky like that.

Then there was my 2 additional tasks.

1. Treat myself to having my Eyebrows waxed

I love getting my eyebrows waxed, it saves me from pure embarrassment from when I pluck them, you see I am a major over plucker. I was very lucky when the local place where I go sent a promotion through the post for a complimentary wax. I for the 1st time in 2 years decided to get my lip/chin done too, I always come out in major rash when I have it done, well this time was no different, so I shall start saving for laser again.

2. Order a weekly Veg Box

I am so excited about this (some would say a little sad) I have been wanting to do this for some time. Up to now I have never been able to find one that would deliver to my house, but after a flyer through the door I have set up a weekly veg box, see how I got on.

Now it’s time for this weeks 5 Tasks.

Week 2 – My 5 Obtainable Goals

1. Give myself a well over due pedicure

2. Publish a blog post a day

3. Exercise at least once this week

4. Introduce myself to at least 2 new people at a PR event

5. Make and Use a Face Mask

I definitely think I shall find this weeks tasks a little more difficult as we have so many plans already, as well as me returning to work properly, but that is the whole point in this challenge to find the time for me.

I am really hoping some of you will link up to this post each week, to inspire one another and trade tips. As I said in my intro you do not have to follow the same structure as this post, it is just a case of linking up a self-help/weight loss/educating yourself post from the last 7 days, it can be anything from your exercise plan for the week, to how much weight you have lost, or maybe a letter to yourself or how you have saved money by making your own beauty products, the list is endless. All I ask is you link below and if possible share my badge.

I will start to Love myself again and hopefully I can help some of you on your journey.

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