Love Life, Love Me – Major Update

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So back in November I started my new Love Life, Love Me segment and then real life took some turns and I did not get to continue. My need for self-help is still majorly needed, maybe more so then ever but I am also realist and real life has so much happening that obtaining 5 goals each week is just not possible. It’s a shame but I don’t want to over pressure myself or get myself down when I can’t complete them.

So I have decided that once a month I shall complete a Love Life, Love Me post and shall have 10 obtainable goals, this way I give myself time to complete them, I still want people to link up with self-help posts, I think it will be a great way to inspire and keep each other going, in between I shall be sharing posts linked to my 10 obtainable goals, reviews that come up, recipes etc but my updates shall be once a month on the 19th.

So my goals for this month 

1. Join Weight Watchers and attend my 1st meeting – I am so nervous about this, but I am also excited.

2. Make and Use a Face Mask – I have one already planned, my poor skin needs it so desperately

3. Put my new blog design in place – this I am so frightened of going wrong, but my blog has needed a streamline look for some time

4. Exercise at least once a week for half hour – hopefully more than this

5. Re book my eye check up and get new glasses – I am struggling to see and I have not had a new design of glasses for way too long

6. Go on a day date with my Husband – we so need some time together

7. Read at least one of the 2 books I should have read for my Year Of Change Book Club

8. Publish a blog post a day for 7 days – I need to catch up and blog posts always make me feel better about myself inside

9. Paint my nails at least once a week – I have used my new Sensationail kit and love it, a new colour arrives this week

10. Sell some of my shoes that I just no longer wear

Such a mixture, but for me it is about inside and outside and getting life back on track. Looking good, feeling de-cluttered and spending some time relaxing. I can’t thank 2 friends enough for helping me through this past month, Hannah and Charlotte you are both so awesome.

Obviously getting myself looking good is massive for me, it makes me feel better on the inside, my hair  these past 2 years has been a big change in my life with shaving my hair all off for charity 2 years ago now, I have enjoyed having it short and funky colours, but due to that my hair has taken a beating, so I feel very fortunate to have been sent an all natural Tints of Nature package of hair dye and shampoos to sort it out, it went on just under 2 weeks ago now and I am impressed.

Come back Friday for a full review of how well it has worked and whether 2 weeks on it is still as good.

Thanks for taking the time to come by and let’s see if together we can start Loving Life and Loving Ourselves, please do link up any post from this month that is helping you to become a new improved life.

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