Love the little things {11th July 2014}

It has been far too long since I joined in with Morgana of But Why Mummy Why’s linky.

But I decided today is the day, if you want to know more head to Morgana’s blog for info.



With 2 trips up to London this week on my own I have pulled my kindle out for the first time in an age.

There was a book Mr Innocent Charmer had read about in a magazine about a year ago and made me download, I decided why not try it and I am so glad I did.


Are We Nearly There Yet ? is a Non-Fiction travel guide by Ben Hatch, it tells the story of them travelling 8000 miles round the UK in an Astra, no word of a lie, it is so funny, I am already half way through and can’t wait to finish it, I would totally recommend it to anyone that is looking for something funny and informative.



We watched all of OITNB – Orange Is The New Black, I don’t think this was as good as the first series but I still really enjoyed, it felt way too short though.



If you follow me on Instagram you shall know I am Sun Jellies mad, I only buy from actual Sun Jellies, as they are super comfy, great quality and a steal. Plus the lady who runs it is a Mumpreneur which I like to embrace when I can shopping.

Some people I know don’t like them, but I like to dress in what I like, some days pretty florals, other harsh neons, I find my Jellies are going with so many outfits.



I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore, but this week I have been in the car on my own and I have been listening to my favourite Tracy Chapman album, to be honest the reason I have is after 10 years of me listening to it the Hubby has just fell in love, funny huh?!



Lists, I am list crazy, years ago I did the Day Zero Project and loved it, but unfortunately never completed it, I don’t like an unfinished list so I have decided to start it again, this time I shall be blogging my whole journey and opening up to other bloggers to take part at the request of a couple, so watch this space, please think about joining in.

Day Zero Project


B & Q Art

To you all – this is so going in my house when B & Q put it on sale this year.

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