Making A Magical Garden – The Beginning

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We have a garden for the 1st time in over 2 years, Addison loves it, I have posted before showing a little girl jumping on a trampoline, enjoying rolling on the grass and picking flowers.

But I have not shared many experiences for Grayson and this is due to our garden not being a Magical Playarea, in fact more than that it is down to our garden not even being safe.

If money was no option and the garden was ours (not a rental) I would have gone all out, a garden area for me is not crucial, as long as I have somewhere lovely to eat and hang my washing I am a happy lady, but what I want for my children is a Magical Wonderland, somewhere with play fun for Addy, a nice resting place for Deacon and a safe, sensory garden for Grayson.

So now I have to acheive all this with a minimal budget and this area…

before garden shot

Not too lovely is it, not huge, dried out mud really not grass and a 4ft drop onto a patio (eek).

So I headed to my fave place in the world Pinterest for inspiration, go check out my whole board, but here are my top 5 pins that I feel I can make happen.

kids garden collage

  • Tic Tac Toe – I think Addy will love helping to make this and play with
  • Polkadot Bird Bath – Both Grayson and Addison are massively into animals, birds are great for relaxing Grayson so this will bring in the bright colours I want for the children whilst bringing birds to the garden
  • Wooden Coloured Building Blocks – These will be fab for all the kids to play with
  • Rock Caterpillar – I love that this will add just a cute feel to their area, it uses objects that I can source for free to
  • A Chalkboard – I would love a small area for colours outside, Addy currently draws on our steps etc, but I would like a designated area so that we can start introducing Grayson to colours too

We are hugely into recycling and reusing in our house, comes from working in waste my entire life, I am lucky enough to be able to get my hand on masses of wood and rocks etc for no cost, so that will help to make our little garden our own, if only this had been started at the beginning of Summer and not the end.

So where are we at?

Well Ashley has been a trooper and in 2 days, he managed to dig out all the dead grass and mud, after getting permission from our landlord he agreed at our cost we could put play bark down, so at least I know the children have a nice safe area where they can have their swings and slide etc.

garden makeover

The garden now looks like this, instead of buying the specialist matting to cover the ground before the bark went down we have used old carpet (using my sources), it acts in the exact same way as the mat, no weeds will grow out of it yet it will allow water to soak through and not rest on top, it is totally free as it’s a waste product that is incredibly expensive to get rid of, so if you want to source some ring your local skip companies I am sure they could help. It doesn’t matter what it looks like as next week it will be covered in play bark.

making a nice garden

Next we are off to buy the bark, this is going to be biggest expense of the garden as I said most other things I want to use recycled products, other than a few items we have currently been sent for review. The following companies have kindly sent items to help make our Magical Garden possible.



There will be reviews to follow for all items.

Great Little Trading Company – Playhouse Tent

Kiddicare – Keter Slde

Bean Bag Bazaar – Indoor/Outdoor Bean Bag

Now I just need to get into my head how I want the rest of the area to work, clearly the swings will sit over the main bark play area for safety and the kids were given a very supersized sandpit for their birthday’s but where shall I put everything.

If you have any great ideas for a kids garden do share, I am currently looking for sensory garden ideas for Grayson.

If you a company who would like to make our kiddies area extra special please email.


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