Mama Mio – Don’t Miss Out

Have you heard of Mama Mio and their products ?  

Well until 2 weeks ago my answer would have been No and I am totally surprised by this as one thing I love is great beauty products and Mama Mio easily fit this bill.

So I am thankful to have received an email inviting me to a lunchtime event in London to learn of their Pregnancy and New Mama fit test and products.

I was emailed in advance a link to the fit test to try it out, I don’t mind taking surveys, Mr Innocent Charmer always has a giggle as I am always filling in those long ones that come in the post or they stop you on the street for, but as a Sociologist I see their importance. Anyway if you do not have my love then don’t panic as the Pregnancy Fit Test takes less than 3 minutes, I kid you not.

It is light-hearted with questions about how your skin is behaving and what you like/dislike etc. Then at the end they give you some results to help you figure out how to make the best of your skin and these don’t just include selling their products to you, there is extra advice in there too. Mama Mio’s goal is to make “All Woman Feel Confident”” – I love this!

Just a Selection of Mama Mio Products
Just a Selection of Mama Mio Products

The 1st thing I had noticed when I walked into the room where I met the lovely people of Mama Mio was a stunning yet not overbearing smell, Mama Mio as a company also produce the most amazing scented candles I have ever smelt, as most pregnant woman will agree scents can be quite overbearing at this point but not the Mama Mio ones they were subtle and delicious, I actually wanted to eat one, they made me feel relaxed.

We retook our pregnancy fit tests once we had arrived as they had made a few great alterations before its launch last week, including a lovely £10 off their products incentive at the end. (Details Below) – Mama Mio sell a host of products which are used by some of the beauty greats including Penelope Cruz, Kim Kardashian and even our very own Kate Middleton.

In the pregnancy range I was shown 3 products that my Fit Test pulled up as maybe of some use from my answers.

Mama Mio

The 1st was the award-winning Tummy Rub Butter (I love the names to their products) – I actually have not used anything on my stretch marks and itchy pregnancy stomach this pregnancy, I had used another leading brand last time, but the smell of their main ingredient makes me nauseous so a big no for me, the Tummy Rub Butter smells gorgeous, kind of like Lemon Grass, what I loved instantly about it is its non greasy-ness, I couldn’t believe I even had it on, unlike some of the other leading brands. Not only does it feel light but the products make your skin feel so smooth.

2nd was their very famous Boob Tube – this honestly is genius and I shall be using this the rest of my life!!!!! Basically it says it can firm and stop sagging, well after 2 weeks use I am surprised to say, YES it really does, as a bigger busted lady my 2 previous pregnancies have made my Boobs face downwards, bloody ugly, it’s due to your skin having to be stretched so much during pregnancy breast swelling, it doesn’t matter if you breast feed or not, when your breasts grow during pregnancy and then your milk comes in the damage is already done. Boob tube protects and moisturises whilst this happens, not only that it works great right up to your face on the loose skin that starts to appear on your neck.

I also gave a small tube of this to a family member who suffers with stretched skin (she’s in her 50’s) and she too has seen some great improvement, so it isn’t just for pregnancy but for life.

Lastly is Lucky Legs – this is my favourite product of all 3, if you follow me on twitter you will know the past month I have done nothing but complain about terrible restless legs and cramps, my poor leg muscles are suffering this pregnancy and it has been quite painful. Lucky Legs is excellent to help ease this and totally safe during pregnancy, it smells a little like peppermint, I rub it on in the evening before going to bed and it’s the strangest feeling, your legs get really cool, like when you put ice on them, it instantly makes my tired legs feel better and not only that when I wake in the morning they are really soft, what again I was surprised about was how the product doesn’t feel heavy on greasy on the skin, I am quite fussy about this.

All the Mama Mio products have no nasties and are safe during pregnancy, as someone who suffers with terribly sensitive skin and eczema I was very panicked about testing the products as I do most, but I am so hugely excited to say they have not upset my skin at all, I honestly am quite surprised as I expected one of them too.

Mama Mio Facial Products

So much so I now want to try their facial products, which I got to have a look at on the day, they do a great Try Me Trio set for £23 on their site(only £13 if you use your £10 off code), made up of a cleanser (which they state can even remove Halloween make up) a light moisturizer and a great eye gel, which I feel in love with when I put on at the event, it too like the boob tube says to firm skin, now I personally am not too bad for wrinkles (yet) but what it did do for me was make those heavy bags from being a Mummy feel lighter, that in itself is worth its weight in gold I think.



So why don’t you head over to the Mama Mio site and if pregnant take their new improved Pregnancy Fit Test, or if not their standard Fit Test, using the password SPECIAL – don’t forget it’s 2 minutes of your life and they offer you a nice £10 voucher code at the end, you have nothing to lose apart from maybe gaining some soft skin.


Disclosure – I was invited to the Mama Mio event to share their pregnancy fit test with you, the products were a gift and no review was requested, I included this due to how much I loved them.

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