Me and Mine {July 2014}

I am desperate for that illusive picture, a picture I can hang on the wall of my special little family, hence why I always try to take part in Lucy’s linky Me and Mine.

I thought this maybe the month, but how wrong I was, but the pictures do make me giggle, there were 15 shots taken by family on a day out to a National Trust gardens, Addison was not happy to have pictures she wanted to smell the flowers, Grayson wanted to walk and Deacon wanted to create mischief (as always) and I think all of that is apparent, the boys at least sit(or stand) near us, but Addison looks a little like the black sheep.

But all in all they have produced memories I will not forget every time I look at them, they are certainly showing my bubbas personalities.

me and mine

Grayson “Mummy let me down”

me and mine

Addison “Mama I want to smell the Roses”

Family favourite

The best of the bunch – I actually really like Deacon and Addison’s faces.


If you have any tips on how to get a better picture, please let me know.

dear beautiful

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