Mickey and Minnie Mouse Party

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I love giving my kids parties to remember, even though let’s be honest they are just a little bit too young to.

Grayson’s Birthday is in January but as he doesn’t understand we have the past 2 years held them joint parties on Addison’s Birthday in May, as the weather tends to be better.

Last year they had a rainbow splash party, I never did blog it but I have so many pictures so I must share those.

This year I knew Grayson’s half of the party would be Mickey Mouse as he loves him, but I was unsure with Addison, I turned to my favourite place in the world for Inspiration – Pinterest – I have had a board for Parties set up for some time and I always add things I like for now and in the future.

At 1st I had decided to do a Hello Kitty and Mickey party, as we all know Addison loves HK (as does Mummy) but then over the past few months her love for Minnie came too, so I decided with us visiting Disney the week of their party too we should do a Mickey and Minnie Party for them.

I spent months researching ideas, with huge plans in my head, for decorations, food etc. Then unfortunately some time-consuming things in day-to-day life, along with moving and being heavily pregnant I just couldn’t get it all done.

I feel disappointed I didn’t but at least I managed to put some little handmade touches on the day and most of all the kiddo’s had fun.


party decs
Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Alot of the things I didn’t get around to were the decorations, I am always one for Dec’s, we went for a Black/Red/Yellow and White theme, luckily I had some Mickey/Minnie Bunting from Grayson’s old room, and I brought some of his bigger Mickey’s to look after the different tables – like the gifts and drinks, the kids seem to like these touches.

We also had co-ordinating Polka-dot Napkins and Plates, as well as table coverings, every little helps.

Little Touches

My babies are not really old enough to understand party games as of yet and were happy with the bouncy castle and slides etc we brought along, but I do try to think of little things to keep all the adults and older children entertained.

This time we set up a Mickey/Minnie Photo Booth with Props for people to take Pictures, it didn’t get used as much as I would have liked mainly due to alot of people being outside enjoying the dry weather. But cute I think you shall agree?

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

I also after visiting this ladies blog  got the idea of the Mickey Skittles, so easy and so cheap, basically just stick the word Mickey Mouse on toilet roll (new of course) and stack them up, we then had a Mickey and Minnie Ball to roll towards them. This could be done for any party theme.

I cheated due to time with the goodie bags not making my own, but I got these fab bags for less than a £1 each, I filled them with Mickey and Minnie, colouring supplies/pez machines/sweeties and little toys such as Jump ropes, spinners, hand clappers etc.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

I also always like to have something that allows guests to leave a special party message to the babies, so we can look back in years to come, last years we had canvases which people wrote messages on and now hang in their play room, this year they wrote messages on Mickey Ears then posted in a post box, I shall be adding these to their scrapbooks.


Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

I had already decided as I was doing 2 cakes that I wanted them to be simple silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie, I was going to add a bow to Minnie but my writing icing went yuckie so that put an end to that, one cake was chocolate and one Vanilla but I added pink food colouring to make the Vanilla more Minnie like.

My amazing friend Karen made me the sweetie cake, although he was a little mangled by this point as it was the 1st thing the kids wanted to touch, it worked so well as not only did it provide a lovely focal point, it saved me buying sweets for the party and goody bags as I allowed the kids to fill up a cup before they left.

Mickey Mouse Party Food

No Mickey and Minnie Party would be complete without Hot Dogs, I set up my slow cooker to keep them warm, this worked amazingly well and over 50 dogs were eaten, it was quick easy and effective, my large Mickey cookie cutter did not arrive in time, but at least my little one got put to good use for the Mickey Cheese and Crackers, these were all eaten up so quickly I guess kids like to bite Mickey’s ears off.

I made little name badges for all the different food which reflected the most popular characters of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, these really took me no time at all and people commented on how cute they were.

Here are the names I used

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sandwiches
  • Moo Muffins
  • Minnies Mooses
  • Chip’N’Dale – Chips ‘N’ Dips
  • Hot Diggity Dogs
  • Daisy’s Garden Veggies
  • Donald’s Donoughts
  • Goofy’s Grapes
  • Pluto’s Popcorns
  • Clarabelles Candy
  • Pete’s Pizzas
  • Toodles Tangtastic Jellies


So all in all I managed some cute touches, the Kiddies wore new Disney Tee’s that they were treated to at Disney sot they looked the part, I would love to do a Mickey and Minnie Party again when I have more time to do all the little touches I had in my brain.

If you are thinking of having a Mickey Party do head to this Blog – Oopsey Daisy for some fab ideas.

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