Me And Mine // August 2017

As the Summer Holidays come to an end I thought I would have so many family photos to share with you but this lovely one is the only.

Our holidays did not go to plan, with hospital stays, ambulance runs and nearly loosing Grayson. But we did make memories, good and bad but instead of photographing most of them we just lived them.

I love this photo though, it’s the first August since 2014 we have managed a family photo, school holidays have always been hard, especially for poor Grayson being out of routine but we try to make them as great as we can.

Ashley has been amazing this month, he has such a strength that many don’t realise. Looking after three children all on your own for 10 hours a day 3 days a week is hard, but thow Grayson into that with his needs and Deacon with his need for constant attention and really he is a true Superhero.

I am thankful for having a husband that gave up his job and any freedom to be the parent at home full time.

Hope you all had a great holidays.



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