Mixing and Measuring – Review for Oxo Good Grips

After suffering for over 15 years with UCTD I have found some basic tasks very difficult, I have to use special pens to write and a special keyboard at work and now there are Oxo’s Good Grips Utensils for Cooking, but it’s more than just peelers and Potato Mashers.

Today I found another food Grayson will eat, this is hard work as he aspirates a lot of food, so when he tasted Angel Delight and asked for more I decided this would become a staple in our home.

So I knew that the Batter Bowl and Angled Measuring Jug Oxo had just recently sent me for review would be coming in super handy for this task.

Features –

Angled Jug

  • Patented angled surface lets you read measurements from above
  • Eliminates the need to fill, check and adjust
  • Soft, non-slip handle
  • Standard and metric measurement markings
  • Dishwasher safe


Batter Bowl

  • Bright red, permanent measurement markings for better visibility
  • High side walls prevent splatter when mixing
  • Non-skid base stabilises Bowl while mixing
  • Wide lip and spout make it easier to pour ingredients
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle
  • 8 cup / 2 litre capacity
  • Dishwasher safe

The first thing I loved about both products was the handles, when you have grip issues, or to be honest wet/damp hands whilst cooking it can sometimes be hard to hold onto handles of bowls/jugs, the Good Grip non slip handle on both items is fab to stop this happening, you have no worry they shall slip from your hand and in this case make a big pink mess.

I loved the sheer size of the Batter Bowl, it’s huge, in the bowl I made 2 packets of Angel Delight up but you would never know, I am such a messy cook so Mr Innocent Charmer saw this as a pro as I was less likely to mix over the edge.

Both products measurements are in a lovely bright red, this makes them just so easy to see, both items had been used and washed in the dishwasher many times before these pictures were taken and there is no signs of fading, to be honest I have a mini version of the measuring jug which is 3 years old and when put alongside I could see no difference, this is a HUGE plus for me as I have had to replace jugs in the past for the reason of the measurements wearing off.

On top of both products being fantastic as they are dishwasher proof, the best pro for each item are, Batter Bowl – The Non Slip Grip Base, excellent as it literally feels like it glues itself to your cooking surface and for the Measuring Jug it’s the Angles Measuring guide inside the jug so no need to keep stopping and bending down to check.

I think both these items will be fab to use once Addison gets that bit older and helps Mummy to bake, non breakable, hard wearing, anti slip for little hands, just perfect.

Featuring Good Grips Whisk bought Many Moons Ago


I honestly have no negatives about either item from Oxo and both being under £13 RRP, they shall become staples in my kitchen cupboard and have since ordered the larger Measuring Jug as a gift for my Mom.


Disclosure – I was sent these 2 Good Grips Products from Oxo to review, I was not told what to write and my opinions are 100% my own. I have not received any other form of payment for this post.

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