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It’s Emily’s 3rd month guest blogging here and I really love having her posts to share. She is always busying herself with projects around her home and after me introducing her to Pinterest this month (can you believe it has taken her this long) she has not taken a rest day.

This month she shares some of the garden projects that have kept her busy, one being something I have pined for an age, so check them out.

Having a garden now makes such a difference.

The boys love it and I have to say it is my favourite place. It’s beautiful with lots of mature plants , so we have been lucky but there are always jobs to be done.

Shed Makeover

The shed was boring, as a lot of sheds are. I had some Ronseal outdoor paint in the cupboard so I set to work giving it a facelift.

I decided to use the colour I had on the main part of the shed and maybe use another colour too. To be honest I never plan ahead and just decide as I go. So far that method has worked ok!
I used Ronseal Garden paint in Sage. A gorgeous colour that goes on well and dries quickly.
I then decided to go with a cream colour, Elderflower. Not sure it was the best decision as it was a lighter colour it didn’t go on as well as the Sage and needed quite a few coats but I like the look now.

Shed Makeover

After making curtains with some old ones we had (trimmed and hemmed with hemming tape) and adding a few hearts to the front (just cut out free hand onto card and used) the shed outside makeover is complete. It still needs sorting inside but I am happier it looks much nicer on the outside.

Emily I love the little details you have added, they really finish the shed wonderfully
Emily I love the little details you have added, they really finish the shed wonderfully

Bug Noughts and Crosses

I saw this idea on Pinterest (so many great ideas on there!) After messaging a friend who works at Forest School and appealing for pebbles I had everything I needed and set to work.
It really didn’t take long to paint the ladybugs and bees. I used poster paint and it was a hot day so it dried quickly.

I then sealed it with varnish to protect it from the elements (I did 2 coats of this).
I love the end result and so do the boys. Such a great thing to have in the garden. Pinterest is just too good for ideas!

noughts and crosses

Always more jobs to be done but pleased these are done before the summer.
Thank you for reading as always.
Emily x

If you fancy any more garden makeover ideas do check out my Pinterest board, also any project suggestions for either Emily or I do please let us know, we are always on the look out for a project.

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