My Beautiful Baby SweetPea – 21 Weeks and Growing

Today we headed to have our private scan, to see if our worries from the other NHS scan could be put at ease?

And they very much were, the best £65 I have spent in a very long time.

The sonographer chatted to us first, listening to my worries and what had happened at our 20 week scan, she made me feel at ease and then said well lets see what we can do.

Thankfully she didn’t have an issue with my size, in fact she said she is surprised someone had trouble (and I don’t think she was just being polite) she didn’t need me to pull my excess weight out-of-the-way as the previous sonographer did. She made me feel comfortable.

photo 2-3

We got to see Baby Sweetpea, as you will see on the video below, we got to see him kick, we got to see his heart in great detail, constantly being explained what the images showed.

We got confirmation baby Sweetpea is very much a boy, here is a clear image of his little willy and scrotum, perfection (only a Mummy can say this).

boy scan

She saw all crucial parts of the brain, including the equivalent place to where Grayson’s brain damage is, it looked perfect, she measured all parts and they measured well and to date.

We heard his strong heart beat, a magical sound, any pregnant woman will tell you.

We then managed to get a sneak peek 4d scan with 3d images, he was a monkey at 1st as he had his arms up in front of his face, but then he smiled and moved one away so Mummy and Daddy could see his perfect little face, he yawned and swallowed, it was magical, it was exactly what I had needed to see just over a week ago.

PicMonkey Collagescan

I can finally enjoy my son, I can finally look forward, clearly this doesn’t mean Baby Sweetpea is out of the woods yet, that will not be known till he is born, with no genetic diagnosis that’s what makes it hard, but the risks are showing lower and that is what I needed to see and hear.

I needed good positive thoughts in my head to focus on my little boy coming out perfect, I have that now.

Now lets see if the NHS can achieve the same standard on Thursday when I go for my re scan, luckily I have my reassurance, but it shouldn’t have been this way.

Huge thanks to all my lovely friends who support has been crucial in keeping me happy and on track, I love you all and to my ever so patient/optomistic sidekick aka Mr Innocent Charmer – I Love You most!

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