My Daddy!!!

As I read my gorgeous friend Katie’s blog today I was reminded of something that makes me smile every time I hear it.

Katie spoke about the love between a Father and Daughter and I think until having my own Daughter I had never understood but now I do.

I am just Mummy when she shouts or talks, but Mr Innocent Charmer is “My Daddy” and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, it make me smile to see the love between them and I hope it never changes, no matter the awkward teenage years or when she has children of her own, I always want her to look and think “My Daddy”!

You see even though Mr Innocent Charmer is the main Stay At Home Parent, the one who tells her off more, the one who feeds her dinner, who bathes her (her worst experience) he still is her My Daddy.

addy birth

Addison and My Daddy at Birth

Addison and My daddy

Addy and Daddy

I love this picture

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