My Flat Pack Home – Guest Post From Bex

You may remember a couple of weeks ago the lovely Bex of  Busy Bee Mummy came and shared her story on my blog about her little boy Hugo and how life was with a little boy with Talipes.
Well after chatting and reading Bex blog I became really excited about how she built her own flat pack home for her family, it is something Ashley and I have discussed for many years.
So instead of just answering my questions Bex wrote a fab post below on why they chose to Build a Flat Pack Home and how the process took place, please do have a read and if you want to nose about a little more heard over and check out her blog.
So I shall hand you over to Bex.
Why did we choose a Flat Pack Home?

After finding out about Hugo’s Bilateral Talipes, We as a family decided we needed family close by & with the expense of London renting we were broke. 
We decided to move back into my parents house at around 30 weeks pregnant. This would mean a live in babysitter for us as we were back & forth to our ‘local 55 minute trip’ to our Hospital weekly for the first few months, Plus we got to save all our ‘rent’ money to try & get a deposit down for a house. We live in Sussex a simple 2 bedroom house with a garden to buy is around the £250k Cheapest
Whilst I want to be a stay at home mum & the fact that if I was to return to work & put the children into full time childcare we would be in minus figures. 
So we were pretty stuck living with my Parents… I mean it worked pretty well & we are a close family. 
But nothing beats having your own family home. 
The idea of ever building our own home was literally just a dream. Totally in our wildest dreams, Mr H & I would scour the internet doing our own research & finding images we loved. 
Our main concern was getting planning permission & when I came across Homelodge & I quote they said
Don’t worry about planning permission! We are experts in our field and have installed hundreds of Homelodges over the years that have not needed planning permission including most annexes, (talk to us and we can tell your how!). Should planning be required – don’t worry, we have a wealth of experience of obtaining planning permission and will act as your agent to handle all the negotiations with your planning authority ensuring the best outcome.
I contacted the company & they sent us a brochure. A few weeks later we had arranged for them to pop round for a meeting & to discuss what we were looking for. 
As a relatively young family of four we needed quite a big lodge. Homelodge really put me at ease, I told them all of our requirements & then Felix (The owner) & I sat down together we done a rough sketch of what I wanted. This was in July 2012. 
Around October 2012 we went to view their show lodge, I just fell in love with it. Just felt perfect for us at the moment. 
In January 2013 we had the phone call to say our planning had been accepted! We had the green light to start building! 
March 2013 saw our build getting started. It was amazing just how quickly it was put together. Our house was made in the factory & then taken apart to put on a lorry then delivered to our door step! Both Children found it amazing. I found it amazing. 
I picked everything about our flat pack home right down to the plug sockets & size of windows, where I want the Velux windows. The size of each room, bathroom, bedroom. We had a strict Budget & Homelodge were fabulous at keeping us as close to it as possible. 
It would have been so easy to go £10,000 over, SO easily! 
home lodge flat pack home
By April 2013 We had moved in. This was my turn to make our Flat pack house, Our home. 
Technically our flat pack home is called a ‘Granny Annexe’, but I personally think they should change the name & the outlook of the ‘granny annexe’ I really do believe this is our future. There is too many 30 something year olds still living with their own parents because life is just far too expensive. On average its taking 6 years for a couple to get enough money together for a mortgage. 
We’ve invested a lot of money in our flat pack home. It’s not cheap but for us its the cheapest option, apart from living with my parents that is. 
Also I am totally fed up with people calling it a ‘Fancy Shed’ seriously come & take a look around, It may look like it on the exterior yes its made out of wood & not the conventional bricks & cement, who wants conventional living anyway?  This is far from a shed. It’s the reality of life for us anyhow… I’d do anything to live in an old renovated barn, So for me this is the closest thing to it. 
It’s very Eco-Friendly, It’s getting cold outside now, I’ve only needed one heater on for a maximum 2 hours if that every couple of days? 
Homelodge can do any design… Their Lodges are bespoke. So depending on land size & money available you could build a 5 bedroom house if you needed. 
The plus side for us is no stairs. Hugo can safely get out of bed in the morning & come find us. without falling down the stairs (Hugo wears boots & bar to bed due to his Talipes) 
With the lodge being made out of wood the noise insulation is pretty amazing. At night-time I must have the children’s monitor on or I really can’t hear them if they wake up. Nor can I hear cars unless there’s a tractor or a Ferrari driving past.
I love our little house. I would 110% recommend building your very own Flat pack home & totally recommend Homelodge.
I love that we have room to grow with our lodge, Emilyn & Hugo currently share a bedroom.They love sharing a bedroom but we have the choice to add an extra bedroom on at a later date for around £10,000 much cheaper than buying a 3 bedroom house they start at around £300k- £350k around here….
Our lodge looks out to our beautiful woods were our chickens live. For us this is a perfect environment for our children to grow up around. 
If you have any questions for Bex she is happy to answer them. I for one feel even more determined that this maybe a way forward for us to have a home suitable for my family and Grayson for the long-term, now to find a piece of land.
Thanks Bex for an awesome post, I am so glad you have your beautiful little family home.

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