My Friend BING Toy Review

When BING comes on the TV Deacon jumps on the spot screaming BING, Addison dances singing BING Bunny, they love him.

The attraction is understandable though, he is very cute and talks in the perfect way to children, he involves them in stories of magic and wonder, making them think of different imaginative play they can do at home.

My Friend Bing fills the gap when the show finishes, being Interactive he plays with the children. He runs, talks and urges them to play fun games, all at the touch of a button, literally his big yellow button.

My Friend BING Toy Review

My kids are in love with him, they follow his commands Tip Toeing around the kitchen, singing his favourite song and playing musical statues. Just like on the show Bing’s Ears wiggle and move and he teaches them all about being best friends.

My Friend Bing Toy

Deacon thinks of him as his Best Friend, he takes him to bed, kisses and cuddles him, wrestles with him (he can stand up to a lot), colours with him and of course watches BING with him.

Bing Toy

I know he will be a favourite in our house for a long time to come, although we may have to invest in some more Bing Toys, in particular a smaller cuddly one as he really isn’t suitable day trip toy material, much to what Deacon believes.


Check out a quick little video of Bing in action, please ignore Addison’s clothes she chose them herself.

I think he will be on many a christmas list, retailing at £39.99 check him out in most toy stores.

Bing Toy Review

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