My Little Angel – what a bad week

I haven’t been here for ages,not even to wish Happy Easter and for that I am sorry but my little Family have had a bad couple of weeks, you see my little Angel was in hospital for the past week.
On Thursday 2nd April I took Grayson to clinic for his weekly weight check up, for those of you who don’t know Grayson has been not too well since birth and his weight gain has been minimal and very slow, so he is checked regularly, Grayson had not been himself the past 24hours and I stressed this to my Health Visitors, who said they didn’t want to alarm me but could I take Gray to the hospital to be checked over as he was not right, I agreed and went outside to call Ashley to meet us whilst they got Grayson dressed again, by the time I had walked back in which was less than a minute an ambulance had been called as Grayson had gone floppy, blue and pretty much stopped breathing, the ambulance arrived he was put on Oxygen and taken in. Which is were we spent the past week, lots of things have been said and to be honest no doctor is entirely sure as to what caused that episode and a couple more in the hospital, but in that respect he is doing better, he managed to finally gain 6 ounces this week after being changed to a now Milk Substitute which is for baby intolerant to soya, milk and cows milk.
The Bottom Right Piccy is Grayson getting high on Oxygen – lol.
But its not all over, they decided there were some underlying problems with Grayson which I have been screaming about for weeks, so they did 20 sets of bloods, MRI, EEG, ECG amongst another load of test and some still pending, the problem has arisen that his MRI is showing calcification’s in his spinal fluid which they can not explain, so he has had a series of other tests on his Brain which have now been sent to London to a Neurological Pediatrician for him to look at and decide, this will take at least 2 long weeks, they are checking for a host of things including Epilepsy, Chromosome disorders and most importantly I suppose Down’s Syndrome.
I believe in my heart he is fine maybe just a little slow after a hard start but I am thankful they are really checking, I know no matter what Grayson will always be a perfect angel to me and I will never feel anything less than total love and devotion for my son.
Look at this face – to me he is perfect.
So that’s why I haven’t been around, I have had some good times in the past month apart from all this, I wish my Dad a belated happy Birthday for the 31st March and I wish all a Happy Easter, mine has been cupcake-tastic, I have uploaded some piccy’s to my flickr of other things that have been taking place for me, to do it all here would be a ridiculous mammoth post and I am sure you are all tired enough with this post.
Love to all.

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