>My New Best Friend…

>Don’t you all just love the kindness of people who you don’t even know in person.

I once read on a Blog how someones husband said to her when she referred to a Blog Friend as her Friend he responded with you “haven’t even met her how can she be your friend” I think to this what a load of crap, and my dear friend Shanna of Pink Trees has proven that over the past 2 days, as you will see my Header has changed and that is because following my request not only has she designed one for My Website, but also one for my Blog as above and a button for other sites etc.

She is a Goddess, I can not thank her enough, I am totally in awe of her ability she says she was just dabbling with Photoshop, any of you will know that the same as I said dabble with Photoshop – shut up!!!!

I would like to thank her on my blog, and actually all my Friends I class you all as true friends to be honest I seem to get on better with people on the Internet than in real life, I am actually shy LOL.

One day in many years I hope to a trip of the USA (and Ann-Marie) also Australia to meet all these wonder full people who get me through the day.

Thanks and hope you all experience the immense happiness I have today.


P.S. Crafty Piccy’s coming soon I promise.

SHANNA ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!

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