My Siblings in April

Siblings : Children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together . – Sam Levenson

Crazy siblings

Normal – well maybe they are apart, but as you can see together they are my crazy 3 and although testing how could I ask for anything different when I am as crazy.

This picture sums them up perfectly, I can almost hear Grayson’s excited screams, Deacon saying “cheese” and Addison oblivious to it all as this is our everyday.

My siblings in April

What I do love for these pictures more than anything is that all 3 are sitting together, 2 months ago this would never have happened, but look miracles are taking place, the dynamic of our house is changing, with everyday they become fiercely close, Addison becoming more tolerant of her baby brother, Deacon become less obsessed with teasing Addison and wanting to be her playmate and maybe the most precious, the undying love, patience and kindness both my younger babies show their older brother.

May these times not end, may they realise they will never find others who can complete them as they do each other, may they have best friends in each other for today and everyday after.

Messy siblings

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