My Siblings In October 2015

If I close my eyes I wish I could take them all back to being just 18 months old. I miss them at those ages, their cute little voices, round faces and smiles.

But although I would, if I am honest I am loving how much they are changing and the relationships they are forging between them.

As Siblings I want them to be as close as they can be, I want them to have a fierce love and like for one another, I want them to protect each other, care for each other and be honest with each other, as they have a bond that no one else can have with them.

my siblings

Grayson and Addison seem to grow closer each week, she has such a love for him, different to that of most siblings, she doesn’t really see him as a big brother, but her best friend and someone she wants to protect. She talks to him of her day at school and is intrigued to find out what he has been doing.

Her relationship with Deacon is changing too, she longs for them to be close friends, but he still is not fully willing, although he misses her terribly all day and they always have such a tight hug on return from school.

swan siblings

And for my little Deacon, he struggles to understand his brother is not like all other boys, he looks to him waiting for him to play, he tries desperately to play fight, tickle him and does not understand the lack of response, I know with time he will learn to love and enjoy his brother for what he can give to him, but for now just seeing them altogether is perfect.


dear beautiful

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