My Week That Was #11

It’s Sunday so it’s my favourite time of the week, when I join in with my dear friend Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly linky, My Week That Was, basic idea, talk about your week gone, remembering the little things as well as the big. So here is my past week.

Monday and Tuesday

Were all but exciting, I was at work, the babies on Monday went off to my Mom’s and Tuesday were home with Daddy. The only things to happen, I had a heart to heart with Grayson’s Nursery Specialist who agreed he is become very removed from the real world ( kinda heartbreaking, but nice to hear I was not the only one that thought so), my Cybher Train Tickets arrived as did the Babies Passports for our 2 trips away this year.


Again I was at work for a long day of nearly 12 hours but it was a lovely evening as Addison has decided to start walking and within a few days has gone from a couple of steps a couple of times a day, to 6/7 steps 10 times a day, we are in for fun times. Video can be seen here.


My work from home day, I love Thursday’s as I can still interact with the children whilst getting paid for it, perfect if you ask me.

Addison and Ash went shopping in the morning, Addy wearing her new Zuzii Hair Flower which arrived the day before so Grayson joined me whilst they worked and then as I continued to work Addison napped, Grayson and Ash went off to Speech Therapy.


Ashley and I were both off work so we took the 1hr drive to go and see Ashley’s Mum for an early Mothers Day. We stopped off at an outlet centre on the way and decided to look at some cruisers for Addison to start getting her feet used to shoes. We were shocked when she was measured at less than 10 months as a 4G, she does not have my feet I am only a size 4.


We then spent a few hours with Ashley’s Mum, whilst Addison destroyed the place and Grayson enjoyed some CBeebies.


We headed over to my Mom’s with a Pizza Hut and Gifts for an early Mother’s Day celebration with her, Addison showed off her skills to my Mom and Step Dad and terrorized their little Chihuahua’s.

We then decided to call in and visit my Dad/Step Mum and ended up spending the whole evening and staying for Dinner, always nice not to cook and have help with the Babies.

And we Reach Today – Sunday

Mother’s day today in the UK, I woke to Grayson at 5.30am with a mini seizure, I brought him in our bed where he settled for another hours sleep, Ashley got up though to watch the 1st F1 of the season, when Grayson woke I went and handed him to Daddy and I was left to lay in to just before 9am(lovely). I was then given some lovely cards/gifts, including a cute flower Grayson had planted at Special Nursery, New Watch, Rolling Pin and a Gorgeous Cath Kidston Mug, which I had a lovely cuppa in straight away.

We decided as the weather was not very nice and it is so hard to keep Grayson warm we would have a PJ Day at home, Ashley helped me cook a nice Lunch of Gammon, Cheesy Mash and Veg. Grayson managed to give me a nose bleed and Addison has started climbing things taller than her.

So that’s were my week ends, I shall be finishing off Mother’s Day with a very unhappy baby(teething), possibly a cream tea and some crappy tele.

Hope you all have had a good week.



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