My Week That Was #12

I really love taking part in my friend Katie’s My Week That Was Weekly Linky, it’s very simple and she loves people joining in so why don’t you.

Basically it’s a simple blog post anyway you like to explain the weeks events, not only the big flashy ones but the small special ones too.


Didn’t start the same as all Monday’s as I didn’t head to work at the crack of dawn, instead off we went for a fight at Grayson’s Wheelchair Appointment, they wouldn’t agree to the new Pushchair we wanted but at least made some amendments to his current one, then discussed the future of electronic wheelchairs (all a little upsetting).

Daddy, Addy and Rara headed home for the usual antics and off to work I went for the whole afternoon.

Today was a special day though as Addison turned 10 months, as I wasn’t crazy late from work we took the chance to all sit round the table at Dinner time (something I wish we could do more of) Addy and Gray tried mashed up jacket potatoes and Jam sandwich (tiny amounts) neither was sick or gagged so quite a success.


I did my usual Special Nursery Run with Grayson in the morning, he was feeling a bit down, but cheered up once he saw Jane (his nursery mgr) – I headed off for a long drawn out day at work.

Not much else fun happened I am afraid.


I went off to work a little late as just couldn’t get myself into gear. It was a successful day as we finally found a Venue for Grayson’s Fun Day, so even though I was bored at work that made for a cheery day. I headed up to my Mom’s after work (where Ash and the Kids already were) and we had dinner (first time in a long while). My Sister and her fiancée came too. Was nice not having to cook.

Addison also had another 1st this week and started going Forward Facing in one of Grayson’s old car seats, she holds herself a 1000% times better than Grayson and no longer screams a whole car journey.


Work at home day. Addison had me up from 5am, she’s just having a terrible time with sleep at the moment, your lucky if she is not up more than twice a night. She gives cute smiles though so you quickly forgive her. Everyone spent the day at home today, I had to a few times leave work as the kids were being a right hand full but I worked quickly in the time I was, so still got quite a bit done.

Addison’s walking is coming on leaps and bounds and she walked across the whole living room on several occasions on Thursday Evening.


I had another early start to the morning of 5.30am thanks to Addison, which I wouldn’t complain about too much if she hadn’t have been up for over 2 hours during the night.

As I was so tired we decided not to go out and have a Jammie day at home, luckily Ash had no work so it meant I went back to bed for a few hours to catch up on some sleep.

All in all it was a very unproductive day, I think as we were all so sleepy, the only thing I got done was booking a local hall for the kids joint party in May.


Addison rose early again but today was Ashley’s day to get up so I stayed in bed and caught some more Zzz’s, after the first few feeds of the day we at 1pm finally have a few hours without feeding, so we headed out, we went to Harvester and enjoyed some lunch, it was a hard, quick-lunch as the babies were both very moody. Addison thankfully loves the Stokke Xplory which can go right up to the table bit of luck as she has a real hate for sitting in Highchairs, anyone else have this ?

Ashley and I then booked our Tattoo appointments for our first baby free day since July on the 14th April, so exciting, now lets hope one of them doesn’t get poorly.

We then took the kids to the Park on Herne Bay Seafront, unfortunately it had got a little chilly, so we couldn’t stay for long, but it was nice as this park has a Special Needs Swing for Grayson and Addison did excellently in the Baby Swing, giggling away.

We then headed to get a little food shopping before home for the bubba’s dinner time.

As both babies hadn’t slept much during the day, they were both down and asleep by 9pm, Ash and I finally got to have a light dinner and catch up on some Tele without too much noise.


And we come to today, Ashley was on early morning duty again (I scheduled that well with the time change) as Addy was up again by 5.30am, when I got up Ash was still watching the delayed F1 Race (big fans in this family) – Addy is super grumpy this morning, so Ash is heading out for an hour and taking her for some fresh air (he is a good en) it’s a day of blogging/housework/dinner and toy playing here. Not much going on as we have a busy couple of weekends coming up so you have to prepare Grayson.

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