My Week That Was

Another week has passed, I can’t believe how quick they are flying away this year.

Here is our week, don’t forget to link up if you take part.



Poor Grayson was still very unwell, so Ash, Grayson and Addison had a PJ day at home. I headed off to work. We had a small amount of snow over night but nothing to even effect the roads.

I managed to book a private scan for Baby Sweetpea for the Sunday so that made me feel better about the whole situation, a day to focus on.

I stopped at Morrisons on the way home as wait for it Tesco had no potatoes in the whole store when my online delivery arrived. I had my Dad with me as I was dropping him home, so he treated me to some of the Cadbury Chocolate Eggs everyone had been posting pictures of.

PicMonkey Collage

I got inspired by The Crazy Kitchen again and made some gorgeous Mac n Cheese that Ash loved.


Another very bad night with the poorly one. Another session of Preschool missed.

photo copy

I worked as always, didn’t get much done though, instead I spent too much time online.

When I got home Ash took Grayson off to the Doctors, confirmed he has a chest infection and a very sore throat, poor baby.

The rest of the evening was very standard.


I headed off to work for the last day this week, leaving a poorly Grayson home with Daddy and Addy. Ash arranged for us to look at a couple of properties for Thursday, so as we have so much holiday owing I booked us a couple of days off work.

I was feeling a little poorly and tired out when I got home, luckily I was met by Addison not being too strung out. Addison’s 2 new words of the day where Green and Kipper, as they had been watching the Kipper the Dog DVD. Her speech is finally coming on leaps and bounds, she is still a little slow but it’s to be expected with a disabled brother to watch.

I cooked a nice Mexican for Dinner and followed it up with Banana’s and Cream for dessert (this weeks craving).

photo copy 3

I shared my new segment on my blog “Etsy Top 5” this week focussing on Baby SweetPea. If you like handmade go take a look.


Thankfully for the 1st time in over a week Grayson slept through, I think the antibiotics tired him out. I awoke with a sore throat but not too surprised.

We headed off to look at a new rental property at 10am, which would be fine if you were a student but for £1k a month it was nasty.

We gave the flat a nice tidy as Friday we have someone coming to look at buying it from our Landlords.

In the afternoon we headed to another Rental Property to see if suitable, this one matched most of our needs and due to that is too good not to try to get so we started the ball rolling to hopefully move there next month.

I tried making Sausage Rolls for the 1st time for Dinner, they didn’t turn out as I had planned but tasted pretty good.

photo copy 4


Another good night from the Bubba’s always a plus.

We stayed in today as Grayson is still not doing very well and we had potential buyers coming to look at the flat.

I pulled out Addison’s pop up tent again, we had to pack it away a few months ago as it was making her upset, but this morning she fell in Love with it and played happily for over an hour, going in and out.

photo 1-4

Early afternoon I headed for some me time at the Hairdressers, I got a new cut and colour and love it, luckily I got out just in time to head home and freshen up ready for the Hubby and I’s date night. The 1st one since August.

We had a lovely evening, just a meal, but such a needed rest and time to chat and enjoy each others company.

PicMonkey Collage


As Grayson was still so poorly he stayed at home with Daddy, as Addison had been a good girl the past few days I decided to take her to Mothercare and treat her to some HappyLand toys as she is really enjoying playing with the little she has.

photo 4-2

I very stupidly let her loose in Mothercare, big mistake, but it was cute seeing her empty the shelves of all the different toys.

We then popped to get some food shopping before heading home.

By the afternoon both Babies were unwell as well as Ashley and I not feeling great.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home, enjoying some nice Loaded Nachos for Dinner.

photo 5-2


We dropped the bubba’s at my Dad and Stepmum, whilst Ashley and I went to see Baby Sweetpea at our private scan, it went very well as you  can see here.

We then headed back to have a nice cooked brekkie courtesy of my Stepmum, we ended up staying the whole day so they could help us with the babies, as both were in terrible moods, we chatted, relaxed, sorted out poorly children, played in the garden and watched some children’s TV.


We headed home with 2 tired babies who went straight to bed, shame it wasn’t for too long.

So there is our week, again filled with poorly children, I really am very bored with poorly children and hope by the end of this next week to not have to write that, cross fingers.


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