My Week That Was

The weeks really are flying by this year, I can’t believe it’s only 120 odd days till Grayson’s Great Fun Day, I think at this rate it will be a total failure as no companies want to help, maybe things shall turn round soon. So enough of the whingeing and to my Week.


So my Monday didn’t start as every normal week, I headed off to a Dentist appointment at 9.40am. Then off to work I went, when I got there I was met by my little Grayson sitting watching Mickey Mouse with my Dad at my desk, Ash was in doing a 1 hour training course and as Grayson had an important appointment at lunchtime in to work he came whilst Addy headed of to my Mom’s.

Grayson helped me eat my calculator and arrange some papers whilst we waited for Daddy to finish. I think the best thing about working for my Dad is that Grayson can come into work, from a month old Grayson has spent days at work with me.

At 1pm I headed to an appointment for Grayson, we finally have a Speech and Communication therapist, she was totally shocked at how awful Grayson’s care had been previously and that he still has no communication at 3, she has some new ideas in the pipeline, so cross fingers.

At 3pm I headed back to work to try to get as much done as possible.

The evening went by in a flash as always.


As the car was in having an MOT, after dropping Grayson at Special Nursery Ashley and Addison dropped me at work.

The rest of the day involved boring work accounts.

To be honest the evening was clearly as dull as most as I can not remember what happened at all, let alone what we even had for dinner.


Another exciting work day to be had.

Was annoyed when I popped online in my break to find WordPress had shut my hubby’s little blog, so off to Blogger he had headed, he has only 1 post right now but I think it will be a nicer place for him, go take a look.

Ash asked me to get at home as early as possible as Miss Addison was having one her days, I arrived home to a moody bubba on her Doomoo


as I had managed to get home earlier I made some yummy, scrummy Enchiladas for dinner, we do love Mexican in our house.

Found out I have been nominated for 4 categories in the Mad Blog Awards, this really did make me smile as I have been doubting my blog of late.


Work from home day – Yippee!!

As I had to head to the doctors for an appointment I decide to jazz my Work at Home day up a little and put on a Tea Dress, probably cause only thing ironed lol.

I did not manage to get a great deal of work done as just couldn’t focus so it shall be long days in the office next week.

Whilst I was out and about my car that went through MOT on Tuesday decide to break down, as my brakes failed and crumbled apart, luckily a mechanic came out and got it all fixed within a couple of hours, more expense I could do without, that was my Cybher Gin Fund.


Both Ash and I were off work today as we had a large meeting to do with Grayson’s school process, he doesn’t go until a year in September, but as he is disabled we have to do about 26 weeks of paperwork, assessments, begging and jumping through hoops to get him into a special needs school, crazy hub ?

So in the morning before the appointment we lazed about a little, I ordered my new business cards for Cybher, beads arrived for some new necklaces I am going to make (woohoo jewellery making again) and some general household chores.

1/3pm we headed off to our appointment at the hospital, Grayson slept through it, whilst Addy got to play in the special needs nursery Grayson attends, as we were leaving Ash decided to head over to A&E to have an issue checked from an op he had last April, he finally arrived home 2 1/2 hours later to be told bed rest til Tuesday and then high chance of an emergency OP, fab.

A couple of friend popped over in the evening to bring over their new baby girl and we indulged in the glamorous take away of McDonald’s, what a high life.


Due to Ash’s bed rest and very bad weather our day consisted of – yep you guessed it a PJ day, woohoo so exciting.


As we were at home I decided to whack the Slow Cooker on for the lovely Sausage Casserole I had made the week before, the day mainly consisted of me doing a few blog posts, running around after the crazy child who wishes to chew wires, climb cabinets etc and try to get Grayson to make some interaction.

The day was not a complete bust though as the most amazing thing happened in the evening, not only did my hubby surprise me by freshly making a beautiful Eton Mess dessert
– total scrummy but Grayson decided to stand (with support) and even take a step, I am not kidding you, I am still in total shock and no words can describe the happiness I feel, I only pray the Op in May means this will not be a one time affair.

Video can be seen here.


Another day at home wallowing in boredom, I know I should make the most of these days and be productive with housework etc, but I think due to this being the way of every past weekend for what feels like forever I can not bring myself too, if that makes sense.

I luckily had a lovely lay in as it was Ashley’s day to get up, I even par took in making some jewellery today so that made me happy.


I got a lovely little piccy of the kids sitting together up on the kitchen side today, silly but little things like this make me think our life is everyday.


I made homemade chips for lunch and Chicken Nacho’s for dinner, my god my blog has a terrible way of always ending up about food.

So that was my week, truly boring with a great deal of hospital talk. This coming week I have a funeral so I shall try to find something more fun to talk about, how was your week?





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