My Week That Was #20

Hi All, it’s been weeks since I have had time to take part in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 great weekly linky, but I am here finally, if you like this post, go take part yourself, everyone is welcome.


Well knew it would be a stressful start as both bubba’s were full of cold.

Ashley took the day off so he could get Grayson to the doctor, so off to my Mom’s I went with Addison, then off to yucky work for me.

I had a hard time leaving Addison at Mum’s, as she is in a super clingy only want Mama stage, for the 1st time since having kids I feel bad for working.

I was really chuffed to break the £500 mark for my big head shave, if you feel like donating a £1 please do.

Terrible evening as Addison re woke at 10pm and screamed for an hour with a terrible cough, so now 2 bad poorly babies and a party in 5 days.


Horrible work day, I am starting to hate my work days with a passion, this saddens me as I used to like going to work.

Both bubba’s were left at home poorly with Daddy, so no Grayson Nursery Run, plus had to cancel 2 therapy appointments which upsets me as they have been hard to get of late.

I put to the wonderful world of Twitter whether I should start making jewellery when I can again, it was a great response, so watch this space for some pieces up for sale and even a few giveaways – thanks to my gorgeous friend Sonia for spurring me on, I love you.

On the subject of my great friend Sonia, she is up for a MAD Blog Award, please go vote for her, it’s so deserved.

It was another terrible night, with both babies up frequently.


5.30am start for me after probably only a few hours sleep, off to work with a serious workload, not a great start.

Hubby changed his twitter id and blog name today, he has been wanting a fresh start and now he does, I hope he embraces it as he has such a fab story to tell, that will be beautiful to read, pop over and say hi. Mr. Innocent Charmer – cool right?

Then the day just went from crap to head of crap, as we were told Grayson is NOT disabled enough to be eligible for help with housing and support, there is way more to the story, which I want to blog about, but I am not in that place yet, I am currently just so appalled and angry, I can not believe I am failing my son so badly, the one time I put myself forward for help and drop my pride it’s thrown in my face.

I ended up working till 7pm, to try to get half my load done as I am off till Tuesday, I dread Tuesday already.

Wednesday evening started with Birthday preparations for Saturday, I want it to be fab.


Normally I would be working at home today, but as I had party shopping to do etc, I said screw it, he he, so my Mom, Addison and I headed shopping at 10am, leaving a poorly Rara at home with Daddy.

My Mom decided she wanted to take Addison into Smythes Toystore to get an extra birthday present for Addy, she was so cute, totally aware of the hundreds of toys playing with everything she could touch, she looked super cute on this ride on elephant (which I think the birthday money may buy) kicking the Disney Princess ones across the store, such a Tomboy.


She did very well and managed to get Gamma to buy her several extra pressies before we left, he he.

We then had a quick-lunch in Tesco Cafe, where Addison tried to talk to every child that walked past ( super cute) then a 3hr shop round Tesco, where Addison managed to get Gamma to buy her a Trampoline, Bouncy Castle and a handful of toys (my house is way too tiny).


The afternoon consisted of me getting the kids ready for Friday, starting the rainbow jellies and making party bags. All followed up by yummy Enchiladas for Dinner.


1 day till party Day, this time last year I was thinking is this little girl ever going to show her face.

Had an early start from the poorly duo, I got busy with party stuff, more layers on the rainbow jelly etc.

My Mom came over about midday to sit with Addison as we knew we would be late back from a long hospital appointment for Grayson up at Evelina in London.

So off we headed, stopping for a quick McDonald’s on the way, I wore my new Children’s Hello Kitty shoes out, they really cheered me up on a down day.

We arrived at the hospital for Grayson’s 3pm Pre-Op appointment to be told that Grayson had to see his surgeon who was running an hour late.

Thankfully we bought the iPad with us for Grayson to watch Chuggington’s on, thank god as he really struggles at times like these now.


After a 3 hour (yes 3) pre op, we got told that Grayson surgery (which we have waited a year for) was now being put back another 6/8 weeks as he has had this cold, I laughed as Grayson never goes 6 weeks clear without a cold, but they are the powers at be.

We finally arrived home 1 minute before 8pm, to a wide awake little Miss with a sleepy Grayson.

The best part of the whole day was managing to secure a place to BlogCamp London, which hopefully I will get to see some great blogging babes at including the gorgeous Sonia (thanks for the heads up).


Wow well this day last year I got no sleep as was having contractions all the way through the night, it would seem my children did not want to break last years tradition and Grayson had me up and watching crap TV from 3.30am.

As I was up early I managed to get on with party prep nicely, including cool cakes for both babies and making a ton of food.

The Birthday Girl woke at 6am, to a brand new Pink Smart Trike and her very own Cath Kidston Handbag of course.

As usual I ran late (even though being up at the crack of dawn) for the party, both babies I am not kidding did not stop crying from 8am – 4pm. It was terrible, I felt for all our party guests.

We had a lovely party with family and friends, Grayson never really managed too well and in the end had to be turned away from all the people so he could focus on the iPad (just the way it is), Addison finally cheered up and played with all her little cousins and friends children, it was amazing for me to watch, it made my heart smile more than I can explain.


We came home with a crazy amount of gifts and 2 quite tired babies, but they refused to go to sleep till 9.30pm, typical huh ?

I also must add the Birthday Girl managed to give herself a black eye in the bath in the morning, fab for the piccies.


So after a busy few days we decided to stay at home today as both babies really are still so unwell and unhappy. I am glad we did as the crying was intense and constant.

My lovely hubby got up with the kids at 4.45am (they really aren’t getting lay in’s) so that I could catch up on some sleep, I had an amazing lay in till gone 8am.

My Brothers and Sister popped over about 2pm, so that one of my brother’s could give the kids their Birthday Presents as he hadn’t been able to come to the party, it was really funny seeing both my brothers try to play with Addison, she doesn’t seem them very often at all so she was very wary of who these 2 men were playing with her toys.


I cooked Ash and I a nice meal as we had not eaten well all week and I blended a load up for Addy to lumpy stage as we are finally getting somewhere with getting food into her.

The evening was very long and drawn out as the kiddo’s really never cheered up, but luckily they were both asleep by 8.45pm.

I melted some of the spare chocolate down from the party and treated Ash and I to some fondue, was a better end to the evening.

Now I am getting ready as Ashley and I are off to London tomorrow for a PR Event as a Mummy and Daddy Blogger – kid free, it should be great for us to get a few hours off and hopefully build some great relationships.

Hope you have all had slightly better weeks than me, although ours was very momentous with our little princess turning 1, I am so proud to be her Mummy.

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