>My Week That Was – #3


My lovely friend Katie of Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3, has a great weekly link where you blog about your week past, so you can remember the little events as much as the big ones.

We have had a busy week here in the Innocent Charms Chats Family, with a great deal more hospital visits for Grayson and Addison moving from strength to strength, so here is the low down and a couple of pictures.

Monday – saw Me back to a long work day of an external audit, Ash having to be off work as my Mom was busy taking my baby brother out for lunch as it was his 25th Birthday.

It also saw me start my Shred workout DVD but this only lasted 3 days as by the 3rd I couldn’t even get Grayson out of bed (seriously unfit).

Grayson and I waiting for Nursery, 1 of my fave times of the week

Tuesday whilst I was at work Grayson went off to special nursery and managed to puke all over himself and the soft play therapy room, he wasn’t unwell I think they just let him play too soon after food.

Wednesday as I was at work Grayson had a good Physio session and then an even better nursery session, tiring him out for a decent nights sleep of 9.30pm-6.30am.

Thursday I had my 6 monthly eye check(which had actually been 18mth) and found I need a new prescription, we took a trip to the new Super Sized Sainsbury’s, Addison is loving going in the trolley now, it’s one of her happiest times as she is a real people watcher like Mummy. She also chose herself a pretty new top which has “Daddy’s Little Lady” on it.
Addison went to spend the night at Gamma’s as Grayson had another early hospital visit in London on Friday Morning.

Friday was a mixed emotion day, we had fab news that we are going to Disneyland Paris this year for 3 days but then we had Grayson’s 1st Hip Appointment, it was decided that not only the hip joint but the muscles that run it have problems, the are doing some tests under GA in March but it was confirmed there is a possibility it will mean Grayson can never walk. But we are looking to the bright side, so what if he can’t walk he can still bum shuffle, he will prove them wrong.

Looking Smart for some family visits

Saturday was nice, we took the bubba’s to go visit my Aunty and Uncle, my Nana was there too so it gave the kids time to be adored by all. Addison showed of all her new skills of crawling, standing against furniture and being a general Minx.

I can even stand against a glass table Great Nana

Today we have just rested in our PJ’s with a quick visit from my little sister, the kids have been fairly well behaved so all in all not a terrible end to the week.

Other Top News.

Addison on Thursday was found out of her sleeping bag, standing up and hanging over the side of the cot (which was only taken down 10 days ago) so she has now been put on the final level, but she can still stand up and reach over – uh oh!

Addison also cut her 1st tooth this week – finally – it has only come out a smidge but it is cute and very razor like.

I have partaken in a couple of G & T’s this week, considering I have had about 3 alcoholoic drinks in as many years this is a little out of the ordinary for me.

I managed to loose 1lb even though we have had 2 takeaways and not a fab week.

So fairly busy week for us, Addison amazes us with how quick she changes each week and my little man amazes me how well he copes with his countless appointments.

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