>My Week That Was – #7


We have got to week 7 of this year already, can you believe it ? I have kept all 7 weeks enjoying my dear friend Katie’s from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3 weekly linky.
So here is my Week That Was (go to Katie’s blog for more details)


A work day for me
No work for Ash so he stayed at home and after twitter advice we started a new routine with Addison in the hope for better nights sleep
My lovely little Luigi (my friends son) tweeted me jokes to keep me going
It was a horrible day at work so when I returned home it was a case of hibernation from the world
Off to work again for me, I didn’t much want to but bills have to be paid
Didn’t even get my weekly nursery run Mummy and Gray time as it was Half Term
My lovely hubby made sure I had an incredible Valentines Day, he sent me a love letter and I returned home to a typed out plan for the evening, including a Chinese takeaway, chocolate fountain and fruit and a Romcom in cuddled up in bed. It was perfect and Crazy Stupid Love is excellent.
After not sleeping too well, Ashley left me to lay in and rung in sick to work for me, but knowing how busy I was I went in late at 9.30am
A beautiful friend Cathy won me some Baby Show Tickets so that made me really smile
My gorgeous friend Sonia, restored my faith in human’s by just tweeting to check I was ok.
I love Thursday’s as they are my work at home day, but my computer link would not work so no work got done, so I took the hint and went to lunch with my Sister, Mom and Addison.
Addy dancing with a chip
Before lunch Ash and I took Grayson to his communication therapy, he is making progress even if just a little
I had a fantastic smile all evening as I was lucky enough to win a £30 gift voucher for Blurb from a giveaway on Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes 3
As I couldn’t work Thursday, I worked all Friday Morning
I then did nearly 2 hrs ironing which still means it isn’t all done
In the evening we went round to some friends and spent the night chatting and laughing as our kiddo’s made a mess all over the floor with toys
We lazed around in the morning
Then after lunch we headed to my Aunt and Uncles, Ashley fixed their computer, whilst the kids played and I chatted to my Aunt, we ended staying for a takeaway and whirling away the hours
Once home I put my Blurb voucher to good use and made up 2 Instagram Books
The kids enjoying time with family
After a busy few days and the kids routines being shifted we decided to have a PJ day
My baby brother popped over for a visit and to see the babies, he is moving back to London in March so it was lovely to see him and for him to see the babies

My Brother trying on the kids bib’s
 I finally plucked up the courage to publish my post on Domestic Violence that I have been agonising over
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