My Week That Was – The Start of 2013

Some may remember last year I took part a great deal in Katie from Mummy, Daddy and Me Makes Three weekly linky of “My Week That Was” .

I loved taking part, it was nice to remember the small and big things, I didn’t realise how much I would love looking back, today I stepped back a year in my blog and started reading them, it was great remembering how much Addison changed in a short time, how Grayson has improved and what we were doing when the weather was so poor last year.

I hadn’t realised that “My Week That Was” was now being hosted each week by Lauren of Real Housewife of Suffolk County, I am so pleased that I can finally take part again.

So here goes.



After an early start and Grayson’s SN Pre School run I headed off for a boring day at work. I finished a little earlier as we went off and looked at a new rented house (disaster).

We had a nice Mexican Dinner, followed by a nice bag of Smarties for me, thanks to the Hubby.



Was lay in day for me, so after getting the hubby up to Grayson at 5am, I went back to sleep till 7am, thank god after not sleeping the night before.

Then off to work by 8.30am, I met the Hubby and Bubba’s at 10am to look at another property, but this time the Estate Agent didn’t even bother to turn up, our search is going well.

I really missed the babies today, it was a boring/draining day at work, so I called Ashley on several occasions, each time I could hear them happily playing and chatting in the background, days like this always make me regret working.

I headed home for 4.45pm, to be met by a very cuddly, happy little girl, it was lovely she did not want to leave my side all evening, we read books, chatted and had many, many cuddles.

She even gave her Brother beautiful cuddle, which I managed to catch on camera. Grayson didn’t respond in his usual way of pulling her hair, he just allowed her to cuddle.


This was followed by a lovely easy bedtime and both babies asleep in record time by 8pm.

Ash and I just caught up on some TV and relaxed, needed to as my morning tomorrow.


Up early with Grayson and a ton of Nausea from Baby Sweetpea, no fun at nearly 20 weeks pregnant.

As I was getting ready this morning I realised I had run out of makeup, I can’t believe how much I have let myself go, it has actually got me down quite a bit of late. Something I plan to rectify once the baby is born, in my eyes if you don’t feel good on the outside you will struggle on the inside.

Long day at work today, usual boring mundane crappy stuff, followed by a ton of cash flows I had to get done before I left, I hate Cashflows.

In the evening once the kiddies were in bed the Hubby built their new toy storage unit from Ikea we had bought couple weeks back, my Living Room seriously looks more like a Toy Room.



Grayson and Mummy Day – Over the next few weeks this is theoretically what Thursday’s are supposed to be, I wanted to do this as much as possible, as my social connection with Grayson has struggled since I work more hours and with him going to school in September, my Baby and I need this time.

Grayson has Communication/Occupational Therapy on Thursday’s, his OT cancelled (as she has the past 3 wks) by 9am and as Grayson had been up since 2am I had to cancel his SALT. We had an Estate Agent coming out to view the flat in the afternoon as the landlord is selling, so I was busy cleaning all day, in the end I cancelled the Agent till the Friday as I just couldn’t catch up.

Grayson enjoyed emptying out his toy box in the afternoon and exploring all the toys which was nice.

Poor Tired Boy
Poor Tired Boy



Today was supposed to be an amazing day, as at 9.10am it was finally 20 week scan day for Baby Sweetpea, I wont get upset going into details here, but see this post if you want to catch up, the only good thing was finding out Baby Sweetpea is a Boy.

PicMonkey Collage

We then took a very tired Grayson round to SN Preschool and the 3 of us headed to order our hopefully new car, after that we popped to M&S Food and had a lovely little snack. Addison was so good sitting, colouring and snacking like a big girl, it was really nice spending this time with just her and Ashley. It can be quite difficult to do “normal” things with Grayson sometimes.

PicMonkey Collage


We squeezed in a food shop before picking Grayson up at Midday.

Whilst the bubba’s slept, Ash and I had a quick tidy of the flat for the Estate Agent in the afternoon, we also had a lot of talks about the scan in the morning and I received some truly amazing support online.

We finished the day off with a nice Curry and some TV.

We then were awoken by Grayson at 11pm, full of cold, he did not return to sleep until nearly 4am, luckily Ash and I took it in turns.


The night/early morning didn’t improve much, we had planned to all go shopping this morning, to spend Birthday/Xmas Vouchers, but as Grayson was still so poorly, Ash stayed at home, Addy and I headed out, Addison was not in a good mood the whole time shopping, so it was a little stressful, I manage to spend half of my vouchers and picked up some lovely treats just for me.

We spent the afternoon just relaxing (well of sorts) at home, playing with toys and doing some chores.

I then got inspired by The Crazy Kitchen and made some lovely Pastries for Dinner, they were so delicious the Hubby and I polished them off very quickly indeed and shall defo be made again.

PicMonkey Collage2

It was another bad night from the poorly one, touch and go whether I thought we would be off to hospital but we managed through.


Ash went off to work early at 6.40am, leaving me with the poorly one and the minxy one, who before 9am was already lining the TV Cabinet with packs of Nappies.

PicMonkey Collage

The day was quite dragged as both babies were not on form and I was very tired. We spent the day in our PJ’s really not managing much other than watching Mickey Mouse.

The Hubby and I had a Chinese Takeaway for Dinner as I was just too fried and knew it would be another long night with poor Grayson.

So all in all a tough week, here’s hoping to the next one being brighter.

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