Raising a Superhero {National Superhero Day – I Live With One!}


Today is National Superhero Day. Seems crazy right. But guess what ? This day is a great day as I live with a real life Superhero. No lies. He wears a cape, he has a secret language and Super powers.

Don’t believe me ? Here he is..

Grayson the Superhero


Yep my Grayson. Not only do I live with him, I had the pleasure of feeling him grow, being his Mummy, helping him on his journey, making memories with him, washing his cape, sharing his identity.

I am not the only one that thinks so. Many people know he is a superhero. In fact my dear friend Susan today when I uploaded this picture onto Facebook came back with the following comment

Love him and today is National Superhero day. It’s just for him. He is a Superhero xx

Everyday I feel immense pride that my Superhero has touched so many people’s hearts. Susan has never met Grayson but she really does love him, as do so many other online friends who have climbed mountains, run auctions and donated to keep his super powers growing, we will forever be grateful.

Today I took this picture and it is my most favourite in years, looking at people is very difficult for this Superhero, his eyes are magic you see and he doesn’t like to share that too much. To think 2 years ago today this little boy took his first very unsteady step holding Daddy’s hands when he was told he would never be able to.

Huge love to all the secret superheroes out their today and the awesome ones like X-Men, I am a huge X-Men fan (geek alert).

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