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Half term for us is coming to its end, the weather has still been unpleasant and the days certainly aren’t any longer.

We are ready for Spring here, being able to get out and enjoy the Kent Coast lets hope it is on its way.

Enough of my whinging about Winter and let’s get onto what I have been loving this week…



Last night I finished  ‘The Keeper of Lost Things”, I read the last 3rd of the book in record time as it was brilliant. Exactly how I love a book, a nice happy ending and a plot that kept me wanting more.

I have started my next book already. After joining up for a Library account a few weeks ago I picked up Trying, the first novel by Emily Phillips. I just walked past it on the new books stand and picked it up.

What maybe you don’t all know is I have a small, maybe some would say large addiction to magazines, so I also enjoyed 5 minutes, a cuppa and the most recent edition of 91 Magazine this week.


…some Happy Kiddos as we celebrated Valentines Day.

We love any excuse to put some decs up and enjoy the day together. I have never been big into Valentines for just Ashley and I, but we have always celebrated as a family calling it our special “love day”.

As we were having a play date this year I picked up some bargains from PoundWorld to make it a little more fun, everyone loved it and it cost me less than £10.


Yep I am going to talk about Mexican food again, I know I am sure it features here nearly every week but I just love it so.

This week I tried out a new recipe (with some tweaks) and made Pulled Pork Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa. Oh my, I have not enjoyed a meal more in weeks. It was delicious.

I am thinking I may do a recipe post on it as honestly it was so easy to make and will be a truly perfect meal for warmer months out in the garden with friends.


Back in December I treated myself to the M&S Beauty Advent calendar.

I have so many little products that I have been enjoying from it but one of my favourites has to be the Percy and Reed Hairspray.

I have always worn Elnett but I am converted.

Firstly it is not overly toxic smelling. It holds amazingly well, yes you can feel it on your hair but you can’t really see it. It also brushes straight out which is fab as I don’t like to wash my hair everyday.

I really want to try some of their other products now, have you used any before?


Instagram is by far my favourite social media, I think a huge percentage of bloggers would agree. I have met so many amazing people through Insta and am constantly inspired.

This week I finally met up with the beauty that is Abby aka A Builders Wife. She only lives about 15 minutes from me so we met up in a local farm shop/cafe. I am sure many heard us laughing away as we chatted over Brunch and Tea for 3 solid hours, it was like talking with a friend I had known for years.

Check her out on Insta, if you want some PUG/Doggy Spam(she has 6) or gorgeous Interiors she is your gal.

And Lastly

I have chatted before about how my husband Ashley I feel has some natural talent in seeing something that should be photographed. Ever since we met and I bought him a DSLR he has loved taking pictures. He set up a few blogs over the years to share them but found the process to be to time consuming but now with the world of Micro blogging on Instagram he has finally started sharing some images.

He has set up an account to share images he takes each day in Black and White, I am hoping with time he will also start sharing some images from the past as there are so many beautiful ones, but I would love for you to all go share your support.

Ashley on Insta


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