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Who isn’t a shoe addict ? Well in our house we all are, no kidding, the Mr has as many shoes as I do (and that is a lot) the kids have several pairs each and every week Addison tells me of a new pair of shoes she needs (I have created a monster) and little Deacon, well up until now he has only had soft shoes but he has a total obsession, he is never found without one of my shoes in his hand or trying to walk with them on his feet. It is the cutest.

So when the lovely people at Clarks asked if we would like to get some new school shoes I couldn’t say no. Grayson has to wear special needs shoes to school so I knew he would not be needing any, but Addison attends preschool 2/3 days a week and her school have now requested she only wears shoes she can learn to put on and off herself.

I had decided I would let Addison pick her own shoes when we got to Clarks as long as they fitted the brief, Addison this past month has started to like everything pink, so after sneaking a peek online I thought I knew which she would choose.

Indeed they were one of the pairs but she was more drawn to the little cream Doodles, which I have to say were my favourite (I would like them for myself). The lovely staff asked if we wanted to get the kids measured, Addison hadn’t been measured for a long time and Deacon never so we took them up on their offer. I was amazed when I saw them pull out an iPad to measure Addison’s feet, she was a little apprehensive until she realised she got to choose the little character that got to talk to her.

Clarks review

I was so impressed with the measuring system, I have to say getting in the magic machine at Clarks was always my favourite bit of shoe shopping as a child, so seeing it step up (no pun intended) for the future was very exciting. Deacon was a little upset that he did not get to measured his feet with the iPad, he desperately wanted to press the screen, but as his Mummy I loved seeing him have his first foot measuring in the traditional way, he starred with intrigue the whole time.

clarks shoes

Unfortunately they did not have the cream Doodles in stock for Addison in her size, but I think honestly the sparkly pink Doodles suit her better now, they are easy for her to get on and off and will bring a cute look to her school smock and uniform, I think the other little girls in her class shall be covert them.

Clarks Shoes Review

Deacon and his very tiny feet did not have masses of choice, but the lovely little navy doodles we chose are just perfect for him, since having them he has been exploring everywhere outside, they have improved his walking massively and he is so excited to show people his new big boy shoes.

Clarks Review

The people at Clarks kindly took a picture of him at his 1st shoe fitting and gave us a little reminder card of when to come back to get re-measured, great service thank you Clarks.

Scary to think we will back there this time next year picking some cute Black proper school shoes for Addison. Eek!

Clarks Shoes Review

Disclosure – We used a voucher sent to us to buy some new shoes but all opinions are our own.

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