>NEXT Year – Davina Shall Help me

It’s fast approaching 2012, with that in mind comes a great deal of busy occasions for me and embarrassment/upset and arguments are rearing there ugly head.

Why you ask?

Well it’s my weight as always, you see 2 babies later and a ton of food I am a very plus sized lady, to top it all off I am a short arse, none of this bodes too well for me fitting in a pretty long flowing dress as Matron of Honour in Aug 2012 for my sister’s wedding, or me not feeling hugely upset when I meet all my blogging friends for the first time at Cybher.
To make matters worse my weight is affecting my health, after a recent hospital visit it was determined my excess weight is not helping my major BP issues or that of my joint disorder.

So I made a promise to myself, it’s time to step away from the chocolate and takeaways and start a new way of life, this isn’t just about looking good for me, it’s a serious matter, but if I am going to set about exercising again, going for a run in the evenings, or stepping back into my yoga class I need to look the part and the gorgeous Davina and Next are on the right track to helping me with that.

You see in Spring 2012, the gorgeous and super fit Davina McCall has teamed up with Next and designed a whole range of Fashion for providing the Ultimate Workout and Post Work Out Clothing.

Great Relaxed Get Fit Ware
Perfect for all types of Exercise

Now I was even more happy when I found out that as in the past Next are supporting the larger lady like myself and stocking the range in my size, I think you shall see why I am pleased.
Davina has done an awesome job of making not only high fashion styled items but with pure comfort to them, all very important when you are getting sticky and sweaty I think.

Long Line Vest £18
Joggers £25

I love this outfit combo, most of their Vests/Tees are longline which is great when exercising as they can’t ride up and show all those naughty bumps, they come in several lovely colours too and teamed with these extra soft joggers, not only would the clothes be practical whilst feeling the burn but I would also be kind on the eyes, win win.

I think this outfit blends from keeping fit,
to a pop around the shops, multi functional.

On top of all these gorgeous exercise/lounge wear, Davina took her designs one step further and it involves Shoes – yep I said right SHOES, got your attention haven’t I ?

Harnessing Next’s F.I.T. technology, Davina has developed a line of stylish everyday shoes that offer aspects of comfort, performance and muscle activation previously restricted to cumbersome sports footwear.”

See pretty shoes that basically that reduce pressure on your joints, not only that they work Calf/Hamstring Muscles an extra 12% whilst your walk. 

Exercising just by wearing pretty shoes, uh yeah I think so.

They are great too, I shall be ordering the top 2 the day the collection arrives and if the hubby has his back turned maybe even a few more. Ssh!

How Pretty and Polkadot Princess are these 2 pairs, steal at £32 each as well

Love the cute patterns, very Cath Kidston
So thanks Davina and Next for the kick up the but I needed to make a promise to myself to make 2012 my year to get not only fit but well and I shall look pretty doing it, don’t forget to pop by and keep up with my progress as I shall be blogging my success.

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