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When you have 3 children a one on one moment can be hard to find, having siblings is a blessing that not everyone gets to enjoy, so I am especially thankful that my babies have each other now and in the future and seeing them interact with one another is precious, but sometimes having quiet moments with one child is a need.

Most evenings we get that time with Deacon, I am glad as unlike the other 2 he has never not had a sibling around, so after a really busy and hectic day it is nice that for an hour or so it is just the 3 of us.

We always play with him, chat, practice his skills (he is doing well with his sitting) and then wind down with milk and cuddles before bed, tonight after his milk he was having cuddles with Daddy as he has a nasty cough and I quickly snapped this picture.

I was not expecting it to come out so well, it was just a spur of the moment shot but I love it! I think it is my favourite photo of the 2 of them to date, although I do hate the Hubby’s facial hair but he is growing it for Movember.

ordinary moment - deacon and daddy

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