Ordinary Moment – Deacon Goes To The Next Step


Having children brings so many pleasures as well as worries. Feeding little ones has always been a hard task in our house, Grayson comes with obvious issues and is still puree fed, 8 times a day, it has become a task to keep him alive, there is little enjoyment to it.

Addison is currently being looked at for Oral dysplasia, feeding time of anything other than cheese or fruit is screams and painful, it saddens me, she ate much better when she was smaller but now it can be the most stressful part of the day.

So when I had Deacon I was praying for a different path, it hasn’t been easy that is for sure, but I knew that Baby Led Weaning was always so definite in my mind, I wanted to see one of my children enjoy food as well as need it for substance.

Well this weekend, my little baby boy started trying big boy food, the time is going so quickly, he really was enjoying being a toast muncher.

toast muncher deacon

It is such an ordinary moment that gave me such pleasure, I just hope we move from strength to strength.

Do head over to Katie’s blog, she talks today of our beautiful friend Kerry, a year ago Kerry passed away leaving 3 young children, a loving husband and a large hole in many blogging ladies hearts, but more than that she gave us something hugely important. Kerry helped me through tough times, she told me time after time that I was not doing anything wrong, as long as we loved our children and cared for them than we were being good Mummies. I miss her terribly, but every time I have a hard day I think of her, I remember the many times she pulled me up, the times we smiled together on twitter, the times we talked of our love for the very amazing men who stood by our sides, I remember she would want me to enjoying every moment, to not be hating myself or what life I have been dealt, she still makes me strong, I love you Kerry xxx

smiling Deacon

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