Ordinary Moments – Little Rascals Are Fun


Ordinary moments in everyone’s houses are different, in ours it’s very noisy and mainly contained in one room due to our house not being logistically good for us as a family, I love that we have a designated play area for the kids (mainly Addy) but hate that it is cut off from our living space via the kitchen.

But sometimes this layout makes photo’s like these happen, photo’s which are so Ordinary but will be the ones that you share with your children when they are grown and giggle over the memories.

ordinary moment with Addison

Addison is such a little minx, but not in a naughty way but a cute way, she is always wanting to explore and climb. As I sat feeding Deacon this week I heard making noise in the kitchen, I thought she was just sitting on her Tripp Trapp playing with her toys as it’s one of her fave places, when I realised she was a little quieter than normal I went out to check and found her in a world of her own. She had dragged over Grayson’s chair and was checking out the sink. It was cute to watch her, she talked away to her duck telling him to swim. It’s a moment I want to remember for ever.

Thanks Katie for reminding me to look at The Ordinary Moments, go and look at hers it’s a pretty cute one.

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