Our Summer Holidays – Being a Family!

This summer holidays was always planned on being an important one as in September Addison heads off to school. She is quite at peace with this but myself on the other hand, not so much.

Like many parents I wanted this Summer Holidays to be one she would cherish for many years to come, one that as an adult she would look back on, we would share memories about, how that Summer formed all Summers from then on, how our closeness and bond as a family became stronger.

I still want all these things, maybe even more so now, now it actually seems like the most important thing, like it has moved to top of our list.

Grayson having his fall and nearly loosing him is still inside me and shall be for a long time, that period of being in ICU and in London may only have been a short week but it changed all 3 of our children’s lives dramatically. They have grown, become older, so much older in a week. They endured so much worry, change and uncertainty that so young should have not.

So this Summer is going to be our Summer. Spending time as a family is the most important thing, everything else, well it just is that, something else. Money is not plentiful, but memories can be made without money, they can made in your own home. My fondest memories of my childhood are walks with my Dad for miles on a Sunday, building camps inside the bushes by our house, all sleeping in one room and talking the night away.

I have no idea yet how we shall make this Summer special, we will have to find a balance as I still have to go to work each week, but that leaves us with 3/4 days to find adventure.

I see bike rides, treasure hunting (geocaching), park playtime, creating art and many a picnic in our month ahead.

What do you have planned for your summer holidays ? Are you planning on making many memories ? I would love as many suggestions as possible to make this the most amazing summer for our kiddies. Please do leave me links to your great adventures and who knows I might even pack the kids in the car and find my way to some of our extended family – you lovely lot.

Kids Summer Holiday Ideas
Our list in progress


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