Over coming challenges

>I love the summer holidays, I do not have kids in school but they still bring pleasure to my life. (If not just for this little dude wearing his shades)

Summer holidays for me bring a great deal of family time, when you say your family who do you mean, you, your partner and your kids, or do you include your siblings and parents, in my head Family is everyone who I love and care about, they are not just relatives by blood, they are the people that have made my life whole and with summer holidays comes a great deal of time spent with people that I do not get to see every day but are in my thoughts.

We had visitors from Ireland this past week, my mom’s best friend, her girls and now in turn their children, as a child I always felt they were like my sisters and although they have moved far away and our visits come but twice a year, when we meet we smile and laugh about times past.
And although Grayson is not the same as their little boys, you would never know, yes we talk about it endlessly and they ask how things are but I also ask the same of little Sebby and yes its strange that Seb is 6 months younger than Grayson and is running and playing but everyone just smiles sweetly and we overcome the challenge and find a way for them to play.
I love the fact that this week after a grueling physio apt. I jump in the car and within 20 mins I am smiling and laughing with Aunts and Cousins, that I can watch them play games I played as a child, that I can see them all coo and ahh over Grayson and that he doesn’t feel different here because he isn’t he is one of many different people within in my family.

Challenges do arise though and they are hard, they make me hold back a tear and look to a future I try to ignore, when your child is special you learn to look at tomorrow as your only future, every day is a mystery of not knowing but I am coming to embrace that, enjoy the mini marvels my little boy achieves. But when you take your child for fun and frolics to Legoland you hope for some normality, unfortunately we were met with challenges, rides have safety precautions now and can only take children that can sit unaided, I looked at my husband longingly for an answer as to how my son could enjoy the day we had planned, my husband, just smiles and tells me Grayson enjoys people and that’s all that matters, so we broke this challenge, we let our boy enjoy water bottles and smiling children as they had magical times and then we cheekily snuck him on ride or 2 on our laps.

Life is going to throw many challenges at my family but we will find ways to break them and I know that this is made possible with the help of my FAMILY.

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