Oxo Tot Review

As you will have seen on the blog in the past couple of months I have been lucky enough to be reviewing some fab items from the Oxo Good Grips range, I was over the moon when they sent them to me, at the same time they mentioned their new Oxo Tots Range and asked if Grayson and Addison would be interested in giving some of those items a go.

I of course said yes on their behalf, when I looked at the range and it’s concept I was so excited, Grayson being disabled with low muscle tone is much like a baby of 8 months, he still really struggles to grip items and have great co-ordination, so I knew the items would suit him well.

We were sent 3 items in total..

Training Plate

Feeding Spoon Set

Sippy Cup Set

This review is for the plate and spoons, my first impression was how I loved the packaging, silly I know but it’s all perforated so you just tear them open, simple, it always annoys me with kids products when you need instructions to just get into them.

Addison loves the Training Plate, it is the perfect size for meals, she loves the bright engaging colours and the lip which allows her to pick food up and have help in not dropping it, she loves to pick it up and bang it on the table, another advantage to the lip is that when she does this it doesn’t all spill over the edge.

Now what do I love about the plate, it’s dishwasher and microwavable, perfect for our busy house, it is a nice sturdy material never feels like it is just going to snap, it has an anti slip weighted bottom which is excellent when Addy is using it, the lip is also very handy when I am scooping food up with a spoon.

The items RRP of £6.50 I think is excellent value for money, I am getting Addy a second plate as it will last for years and once the lip is removed it will grow up with her forever.

Onto the spoons, I also love these, they are lovely long and nice big grip handles which is not only excellent for little ones, but also nice for feeding the babies, the spoons are actually metal coated in a silicone, when they 1st came this put my teeth on edge but actually this makes them so much better than the plastic kid spoons, they last so much longer, Grayson is a biter and can hold onto a spoon for ages so the others need changing frequently were as these he hasn’t made a mark in. It also helps to smoothly wipe excess food from babies faces without hurting them. My only negative on the spoon is I would have had the ladle size slightly bigger, but that is a small point, my Husband finds them a little too long, but I think he is mainly used to the other style of spoon, he feels they would be a little long when the child was trying to self feed, which I could probably agree with a little.

The spoons are RRP of £6 for 2, which maybe a little higher than other brands but as I said I think they will certainly last longer, they come in several cute colours too.

Disclosure – We were sent these items for free of charge for purpose of review, the words and views are 100% our own, no monetary value was received.


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