Perfect Presents For School Friends

Well we are truly back into the swing of school aren’t we and along with that for us has come the parties.

Every weekend so far we have had a party to attend and to be honest I don’t really mind as Addison loves it, but I am thinking next year when Deacon starts school I am not sure our weekends will be made up of not much else.

What also panics a lot of people is the cost and trying to find that perfect present. I have a £10 rule here, I wish I could spend a little more but as I said with a party nearly every weekend the budget is not there. At the beginning I panicked a little at what I could get for £10 but I feel quite pleased now to have found some great items for that budget a bit different from the norm too, not only that with a few I get to support some friends small businesses.

I thought I would create a little mood board to maybe give some ideas for you all, I always order a few of these to have in the cupboard ready just in case I forget a party is coming up so I am never left short.

My top present picks for under £10 when buying gifts for kids school friends / Innocent Charms Chats

Let’s start with Little & Fierce, a shop owned by fellow blogger Morgana, I shop there all year round for gifts and I am never let down. The 4 cute Kawai Necklaces in the top corner are all from there and are £8, so it usually means I can get something little to go with them. I have also bought the Sun Jellies Bag (centre) for a few friends kids as they are the perfect child’s bag. Lastly the Pirate colouring pencils in tin are an amazing gift. They leave enough money to head to Tiger and pick up some Stationery goodies to go with them.

On the subject of Tiger do always head in there once a month, they are perfect for stationery items, I also bought some amazing Dinosaur fossil kits from there we have given as gifts. Always stock up if you find something great as their stock turnaround can be quick.

There is no denying Argos can always come up top with gifts too, the Spy Googles (left) have gone down a storm with some of the kids in the class as have the Mini Superhero Lego Kits (who doesn’t love Lego?) and what more as they are only £8 I always have some awesome temporary tattoos at home (top right) which I buy from Dinky and Dandy as kids love Tattoos.

Fancy Dress is always big in our house too, so I love this Bear mask from Bambino Goodies, they do several animals and they are great quality, what more perfect for all those dress up days at school.

Lastly we cannot forget some bespoke pieces, Love From Toby comes from a lovely friend who started making custom jewellery from toys/collectibles to raise money for children who have heart conditions like her beautiful boy Toby. Her jewellery is always amazing and she will custom make pieces too. Addison has a great Pug Necklace.

Don’t forget though, don’t just stock up on gifts make sure you have everything else you need, I always bulk buy some cards, wrapping paper ready to go (Ikea do great rolls of paper) and have Sellotape on hand. Especially now they are doing these great Party Washi tapes, it means I can make the parcels look even more special which Addison always likes to help with.

Sellotape - Don't come unstuck

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