DIY Projects, Extra Half Term Week and Reflections // #LittleLoves

With an extra week off of school it has been a little manic, throw into that a Mum in hospital and just not feeling myself it has made me a little late with my #Littleloves but come have a read…


Being in the online blogging world can produce so many insecurities and feelings. We have all done it, online or in real life, thought that the grass was greener, that so and so is so well-adjusted, has a ton of friends.

Molly from Mother’s Always Right wrote a brilliant post this week on Online Outsider Syndrome. Something that shocked me as I was very guilty of always thinking Molly has it all right! (not saying she doesn’t). Molly always conveys herself so well in her writing and this post has really touched so many these past few days, something she openly said she was shocked by.

Do take the time to go and have a read, it really made me reflect a little after I did.


We have become a little obsessed with House of Cards. I know we are behind the time’s but we have already in the past week watched the first season and now well on our way with the second.


There are so many home DIY projects going on in the house right now. I decided enough was enough and I shall make our bedroom what I have been planning in my head for a year now.

We have a minimal budget so I am excited to share some of the projects that are costing little but will hopefully transform the space.

But for now did you see my most recent Pinty Plus makover?

Girls pretty pastel bedroom with a Photo Mesh Frame up cycled with Pinty Plus, see more at Innocent Charms Chats


The weather has been hit and miss here, so it has been jeans most days but I have been teaming them with my sandal of choice, Saltwaters. My Navy pair are a few years old now but still going strong. I am going to order another pair for this Summer but just can’t choose. I love the new style, so am thinking some White as they go with everything, has anyone ever had white? Do they discolour quickly???

It was really nice to have the younger two off for a second week. As much as I love the practicality of school uniform, there is nothing I love more than the kids in nice clothes. Addison’s Rainbow knee highs from Three Violet Buttons always get many a compliment.


Listening to Addison read is something I have always enjoyed. There is nothing quite like the pride you feel when they finally can pick up a book and recognise words. Reading her school books has been a little hard work these past few months, she is not enjoying what they send home. But after a trip to the library this week it is lovely to see her enjoying reading again.

Even Deacon is getting in on the act, he can find and sound out D, I am sure this time next year after his first year in school he will be reading some words too. Dinosaur will be the first for sure.

And Lastly

Following on from my thoughts on Molly’s post I have been struggling myself quite a great deal with my confidence online. I have a terrible problem with self loathing, over the years there are times I have kept it at bay but lately it seems to have a hold again.

I get angry at myself as I have so many ideas and posts in my head but then let my blog fall by the wayside as I tell myself what is the point, no one wants to read it anyway.

But I shouldn’t as there are a few of you out there who enjoy my blog, so I am setting myself some targets, I work better with them, posting 3 times a week is one, equal amounts of Interiors and Fashion. I love both and it doesn’t matter that my style may not appeal to all, it does me.

And a big must is sorting our Real Life out, as I always find if I feel down with that then the rest falls apart.


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