Photobook Review & Treat Yourself To One

If I have taken under 5 photo’s in a day I am probably not well or my phone is broken. I have always loved taking photo’s as I have a terrible memory, for me looking at a photo is like closing my eyes and transporting me back to that time in my life, I will remember the emotions I felt, the smells and the sounds as that photo was taken.

It’s like magic, so I always have photo’s up on my walls and photo books hanging around on coffee tables or my sideboard, I love flicking through and smiling at happy times.

So I was over the moon when when I registered with Emma’s Diary just after having Deacon as you receive a complimentary £15 Bonusprint  voucher towards a photo book. I off course had to make a book of my little Deacon, he may have only been alive for a short 8 weeks but as I said I love taking photo’s so had plenty to fill it.

The process is super simple, upload your images, then you can have them autofill and design your book for you in minutes or manually place them. I really enjoyed placing the pics myself, I got to add coloured frames to pictures, choose between 1 and 9 images per page and even add text when I wanted – I looked online and choose a couple of my favourite quotes to add to pictures.


The process can take you 5 minutes or if like me 2 hours, but that was ok as I did it whilst catching up on some TV.

I chose a little hardback square book, I added a photo to the front cover and it cost me £12.00, huge bargain. The book is the perfect size as it sits on the windowsill for all to enjoy when they come over or I pop in my handbag to show off whilst out & about- yes I am one of those Mum’s.

I think you will agree Deacon should be on the front of all books!!


I loved the whole process so much that I have already started making some for Christmas Presents, usually my Dad would get one book of all the kids, but for books starting from £6.99 I am getting him one from each of the Babies, I know they will be in his briefcase for all to see in January.


Disclosure – I was sent a voucher for purpose of this review.

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