Pink Cardi’s, Jamie Oliver and Podcasts // #Littleloves

Woohoo, it’s Friday, I don’t know about you but for me this week has been long. With the nights coming sooner and being back to school after half term I am just feeling exhausted and ready for a weekend of kids parties.

Even though I have been crazy busy I have really been loving some new things and excited to share them all with you this week, so grab a cuppa and enjoy….


My friend Lucy from Tired From Whitstable shared this quote on her Instagram Stories this week, it really resonated with me and how I have been feeling this past month.

It reminded me how important it is for my soul to help people who are accepting so I have been trying a little harder to make myself smile.


YouTube is one of my favourite places in the world. So many different people and interests to watch and learn from.

This week I came across Mayim Balik’s Channel after seeing a clip on Facebook.

I urge you to head across when you have a spare few and enjoy some truly intellectual and inspiring videos.


It has been all about Jamie’s 5 Ingredients new book. Ashley and I treated ourselves to it a couple of weeks ago on a half price deal.

I knew from the watching the TV Show which recipes would be my first and I got to it this week. I have to say they didn’t turn out quite like Jamie’s but they were yummy!


I have been all about my Pink Cardi from Urban Outfitters now the weather has turned. I wasn’t sure how well it would go with my new (faded) Copper hair but I love it.

It is the cardi of dreams, it is cosy, stylish and I am glad I treated myself to it. Now to find some other clothes to get me through the colder months as I have none.

Joining in with #BloomingSleeves on Insta


Recently I heard a lot of chat around listening to Podcasts. Morgana had asked who people listened to and it reminded me of when I was back in my teens and how I spent a great deal of time enjoying them before YouTube has really taken over the world (yes I am that old).

Alison Perry started her Podcasts back in August and I had been meaning to listen to them for ages. This week whilst checking 900 plus invoices in my boring day job I flicked them on and 5 later I am addicted.

Alison is someone I admire anyway and have luckily met and had coffee with one morning.

I knew her podcasts would be good but what I was not prepared for was how they would really talk to me, dealing with so many subjects that as parents we deal with on a day to day but can feel so alone with and normalise them.

She has had some brilliant guests and some I have totally changed my perception on so I urge you to go have a listen, they are free after all.

And Lastly

I went into Laura Ashley for the first time in at least a year and wow I fell in love with so many pieces.

I am going to do a whole blog post on my top picks as I walked around but I had to share this chair which will take me longer to save for probably than it is in stock and I don’t want others to miss out on its beauty…


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