Please Help Me With Weaning

This may seem crazy that on my 3rd baby I am seeking weaning advice, but with none of my babies has weaning been a standard process (well if there is one).

Grayson had serious medical needs so weaning started at 3 months as he could not take more than 30ml of milk per feed and was disappearing, we had to add special powders to his food from day one and as he never learnt to sit till nearly 2 he had to be fed laying down which had many challenges. Still at 4 Grayson is spoon fed smooth puree, he refuses 99% of the time anything but pre packed food.

baby led weaning

Grayson feeding himself last year

Addison too had to be weaned early at just under 4 months, Addison had awful reflux and was medicated as well as on prescript milk, she to was loosing weight and because she was sitting un aided from 4 months feeding was a little easier, we had wanted to Baby led Wean Addison but because of all this and my PND I became hugely disheartened and ended up buying Organic Sachets and feeding her those. She finally only in the past 3 months has started to feed herself dinners.

baby led weaning

Last month, she finally starts to feed herself

All these things have completely made me feel unsure on how to wean, they have knocked my parenting confidence, I had decided when pregnant with Deacon that I wanted to try Baby Led Weaning again, but with Deacons medical problems again this has had to be changed, at request and advice of doctors Deacon is going to start weaning this week, he has bad reflux which is medicated and on a thickened milk but he still can’t tolerate large amounts, thankfully though he is gaining weight at a good rate, but because he can only tolerate smaller feeds he feeds frequently approximately 2 hourly. Unfortunately it is looking pretty definite like myself as a child Deacon is lactose intolerant and his poor face is inflamed with eczema.

This is another reason weaning has been suggested early, but this all means we have to be careful what we give him. As I can’t wean in the way I had planned, I feel very definite that I want to make my own puree for Deacon, free from anything that may upset his skin and hopefully not upset his reflux too much, but I have no idea where to start.

eczema on baby face

I need to know recipes and which gadgets are best, time as always in our house is at a premium, Grayson has hospital apts in London weekly at the moment and I return to work properly in November, so time-saving is a great issue.

So I am looking for suggestions and links, what products could you not do without, 1st foods, what do you suggest and have you ever had to wean a baby dealing with nasty reflux and/or lactose intolerance ?

Come on ladies help a Mama out.

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