Please Welcome to the World….

Grayson Quinn Max Spencer

born at 4.22pm on Sunday 4th Jan 2009 weighing 7lbs 1/2 ounce
Hello all, well I am finally a Mummy, apologies for the delay in posting about my new bouncing boy – but he has not been so bouncing as has his Mommy.
All has not been well but seems things finally maybe on the way up, the story begins at 3.30am on Friday 2nd Jan when waters broke, unfortunately my contractions did not come and I was rushed to hospital and admitted, where until 6pm on Sat 3rd I had to wait to be induced the whole time confined to a bed with med’s and irregular contractions.
Then I went through labour for a mere 24 hours with some problems which resulted in an epidural (that I did not want to have) but held of the c -section.
Grayson was born with the cord round his neck but after a minute of Oxygen he seemed to be fine, unfortunately by the next morning after only sleeping and taking no feeds he was put in Special Care Baby Unit, by this point he had Jaundice and his blood sugar levels had dropped dangerously low, they thought he had caught an infection due to me being left for induce so long. He spent 2 days in SCBU which was heart breaking as I could not help much but sit by and watch him, by this point he also started having violent Jitters,which he has now every so often and they say this shall grow out in 6 weeks or so.

After a long night and couple of days he was taken off the med’s and went down to one light so he could finally be moved to the ward with me, where I got to feed him, after 24 hrs all test results came back good and the Jaundice had subsided a little so they finally let us come home.

So that’s were we are now, still a little yellow, having to be force fed every 3 hours and very sleepy, with a Mommy with Back Twinges, but we are on the road to recovery.
Hope all is well with you all and the New Year has brought fresh new starts, as you can imagine there has been a LOT of picture taking but mostly he is always asleep so I will just share a couple.
Take Care
Kara and Baby Grayson

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