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I always feel very lucky to be given the chance to review items, but when I get asked to do a review for a company I have never heard of and they become a total fave, that is the best!

Postsnap is one of those companies, they simply are awesome!

So I can hear you asking “Who Is Postsnap?”

Postsnap is a free to download app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets you use your own photos to create and send real personalised photo cards (Postcards, Greeting Cards and Announcement Cards) – on the go.

All cards are printed on high quality gloss card and can be posted it to virtually any destination in the world.


The app is genius, I love it, now don’t get me wrong I am a HUGE fan of the internet, I spend a crazy amount of time tweeting and messaging on Instagram, but sending a written letter, postcard, birthday card is still my prefered choice, there is nothing better than in between all those bills finding a lovely few words from a friend, it without fail always makes me smile and let’s be honest smiles make the world a better place.

The app is simple, it took me less than 6 minutes (seriously) to choose a design, add our photo and buy, firstly I tested the app with Thank You cards for our recent Wedding Renewal (posts coming soon I promise). Best thing everything is customisable, from colours of fonts to the font type and you can choose to write a message there and then &  have them sent straight out to people, or like I did leave them blank and have sent to your door.

personalised cards

With every extra card  I ordered the price went down, so my beautiful cards ended up only being £1.20 each, you can’t generic cards for that price and there are no hidden postage costs as that is FREE!

But the question was would the cards be any good when they arrived ? Well I hate the fact you can’t touch them on this post as they are amazing quality, super thick, high gloss and no fuzzy photos, they were better than I could have imagined and arrived within 48 hours.


I was so impressed that I headed straight back on the app as I laid in bed and ordered some photo Xmas cards for the Grandparents, the only thing that took time was choosing a design as there was so much choice, both sets of Grandparents loved their cards, who doesn’t love a card with my kids on.

personalised cards

I have since sent Birthday cards direct to recipients and can’t wait to test out the Postcards, so watch your postboxes my lovely friends as I have credit and I am going to use it.

So I am telling you now go download the app! Seriously and if you want to send me a little message with your email address you will receive a £3 credit for joining up, so you can test the app out all for yourself and see if I am overselling (I TOTALLY AM NOT!).

Let me know if you have tried the app or do, would love to hear what you think. There are so many pretty cards to send out, I can’t decide which to pick next.


Disclosure – I received credit on the app to review this product.

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