Raising a Superhero | A Hellish 40 odd hours


**Written 9am Tuesday 30th June**

We were having the best day. You were being amazing. Walking across streams, playing music on branches and having a picnic in the sun. Who ever would have thought 13 hours later you would be in emergency life saving brain surgery.

We are still at Kings HDU as I type, you are stable but not yourself. You are very drowsy, you can not sit or even open your eyes for long. But you have just had major surgery so surely that is to be expected.

The support, love and friendship you and all of us have received online has been unmeasurable. Never doubt my sweet superhero that you have touched so many people’s hearts. Your beautiful being comes through, people love you, they care for you, even though they have not met you.

You have made us so proud this past 40 hours (as you always do), fighting so hard, being amazing. Enduring so so much.

It is going to be a long journey I think, this is going to take time to come back from. I am worried, I do not think I shall be able to let you go again any time soon, I am not sure I will trust having you out of mine or Daddy’s sight.


Never forget we are here, fighting with you always. We love you more than life itself, thank you for fighting so hard and not leaving us, you true superhero.


For those who have maybe not seen on my social media, at 4.15pm on Sunday 28th Grayson had a fall, not one you would think would be that bad, but after many falls these past weeks at school they think this was the nail in the coffin.

He was not to good so precautionary we called 111, thank god we did, they decided on paramedics due to his disabilities. They came and decided to take him in, A&E was busy, Paeds were not available, but once he was seen 4 hours later they moved quickly, we thought just monitoring overnight, we were wrong, a CT showed a bleed, Kings were contacted and it was decided he needed to go there, then it was decided 10 minutes before transport he would be intubated and need surgery as soon as he arrived. I won’t forget the surgeon words as we arrived,  you can’t say no, this surgery is what will save your son’s life!!

He would not be with us otherwise, 2.44am you went to surgery, an hour they thought, we waited, 6.30am you came out, his skull had been fractured, he had a clot removed, bleeding was stopped and he had a metal plate put on his skull, his skull had shifted and was realigned, he had brain surgery!

So now 28 hours later, Grayson is just on Oxygen, he is so sleepy, in pain, but stable, there is talk of transferring him back to local hospital, I am worried for him, I just hope he is resting after a hellish time.

 grayson in ICU

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