Raising A Superhero // My Miracle


Your eyes talk for you, your smile lights up any room, for you are a pure miracle that I am forever thankful for.

You may not say Mummy, or be able to laugh when I tickle you, you may not sleep at night and cause me to be tired, but from your first breath you made me a Mummy, a fighter, a carer, strong, determined and a better person.

Watching you grow is a privilege, one I am learning to accept, it is not an easy task being a parent, even more so to a child with such profound disabilities, but you are our miracle, you were not supposed to be here and every time you use another of your lives I question why.

This past month we are learning to love life and find ways to be a family with a unique twist, we are pushing you harder than we ever have and you my Superhero are saying push away, you are embracing the changes, you are looking to the future.

I don’t know how long we shall have as Mother and Son but what I do know is that I am going to enjoy it, no matter how hard, as with you teaching me I will try to fight just as hard as you do.





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