Raising For Grayson – Overwhelmed

2 Weeks ago I took part in my 1st ever Google Hangout, it had been arranged by Claire & Sian my bosses at Emma’s Diary where I guest blog.  I had been panicking all week previous, annoying Mr Innocent Charmer by saying “I am sure they are sacking me” (darn insecurities) – 8pm came round and I opened my laptop, Butterflies in my belly as online I can usually hide behind the screen but now this would be chatting on webcam’s.

The whole ED team where there, other than Emma (who was napping) and Ella.

What happened next, I could not be prepared for, we all started chatting, then Claire had asked us to all review a web link, as the web link opened I started to sob, I can’t really explain the emotions I had felt when I was met with this site.

Raising For Grayson

The team at Emma’s Diary since April have kept this a secret , they have used the little time they have to build a website for my little boy, they are going to climb Mount Snowdon and/or ride 55 Miles from London to Windsor.

These ladies are not only my colleagues, fellow bloggers, but more importantly my friends, a group of women that I smile and cry with, that I make spit tea on their keyboards, that listen to me whine when I am tired and frightened for Grayson and they have chosen to help my little boy, to push themselves in hugely physical challenges.

I am not sure I will ever be able to say thank you to the girls, what they are doing is HUGELY appreciated as it is when all my amazing online friends have helped Grayson, it makes my heart smile to think Grayson has touched peoples hearts as he does mine everyday, he really is a special little boy.

Please, please, please, do go check out the website, find out about the challenges, The R4G Team and follow their progress on the blog.

Thank you Team R4Grayson – Sian, Claire, Katie, Kirsty, Clara, Ella, Danielle and Emma.


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